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Feeding the Beast: Let the hype officially begin


You might not know this, but twice a year and sometimes in the playoffs, a rancor moves into my dungeon and DEMANDS to be fed Lakers-Celtics rivalry material.  

It's a big, ugly beast that can be kinda scary but ultimately very manageable if you play it right with him.  I've named him Pau.

So let's kick this sucker off with a video from our buddy mortal enemy LD2K from TheLakersNation (which by the way, is one of our top suppliers of Lakers trolls… most of which also closely resemble the rancor in appearance).  It's called "Dead Man Walking" and its a little play on Kobe and Shaq.  

Be warned, it contains very graphic images that may be tough to watch (like Kobe celebrating in confetti).  Let the hype begin.


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  • paul

    Oh God, after last night’s debacle, this ghastly memory wasn’t the chaser I needed…

  • Classless

    Whatever. Keep celebrating that ref-assisted squeaker win in Game 7 because surely that trumps a 40+ beatdown in a clinching Game 6 during the Rapist’s MVP year.