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Feeding the Beast: Kobe says Rondo’s the key

Kobe points at Rondo
"You are a very important player that requires a specific game plan"

Less than 24 hours away from Armageddon  The apocalypse  The most important game ever the Celtics-Lakers game and we're starting to get into some more specifics.  Specifically what the Lakers feel like they need to do to stop the C's.

"They had a tough one [Friday] as well," said Bryant, referring to the Celtics loss to the Suns in a game where both head coach Doc Rivers and forward Kevin Garnett were ejected. "I’m sure they’ll be looking to come in on Sunday and seek a little redemption, but we’ll be ready to." 

When asked what the biggest challenge Boston presents is, Bryant did not point to any member of Boston's Big Three of Garnett, Paul Pierce or Ray Allen

"It’s [Rajon] Rondo," Bryant said. "He’s the catalyst, he makes things go at both ends of the floor. Kevin, obviously he’s the captain defensively, but Rondo’s all over the place with his play-making ability and I think that’s the biggest challenge." 

I'd rather have no Rondo than an ineffective Rondo… and that's actually a compliment.  

No Rondo means guys can adjust their games… Pierce can be a distributor, guys will have to create more of their own shots, Nate will have to play the uncomfortable role of distributor… etc.  Ineffective Rondo means guys are expecting Rondo to be Rondo-esque and not getting it.  That throws off everyone's offensive rhythm.  

When you walk into a McDonald's, you know what to expect.  But if you walk into the Capitol Grille and they throw a Big Mac at you, you're not gonna be happy.  If you know what's coming, you can deal.  If you're surprised by something much crappier than you expected, it can completely discombobulate you.

That's what the Lakers will try to do. They might try to do with Kobe on Rondo defensively… which I will welcome.  They might try to do it with some sort of zone.  But we know that their focus will be to take Rondo and his distribution out of the mix offensively, and hopefully turn that into defensive frustration as well.  Succeeding will go a long way towards an LA victory. 

(H/T Forsberg)

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  • JD

    Yeah, Rondo’s kind of played like crap over these last two games and its definitely affected the offense (although its obviously not all of his fault). We need him to step it up and definitely push it against the Lakers. He’s going to be the most dynamic player on the floor tomorrow, because LA’s almost as old as the C’s.

  • I

    Yecch, Kobe’s condescending finger. Doesn’t he know it’s rude to point? Sheesh. I much prefer KG’s in-your-face confrontation.
    I, however, love this picture–the way Ray has his arm around Rajon while sticking up for him (for lack of a better phrase, no homo).
    I’m hoping the Celtics come out strong right from the beginning. Deserve victory!

  • Phenor Jenkins

    The whole celtic squad probley enjoying what LA has to offer. Today was a nice day to go to the beach. Good luck seeing the sun 2 times a year scrubs <3
    LA >>>>>> Boston

  • FEARLA2011

    Yeah today was great weather, started out cloudy in the morning, but by maybe 11:30 we had typical, nice, awesome LA weather! That’s the only thing the celtics are gonna enjoy because tomorrow its WHOOPING time.

  • Goceltics

    Beat L.A, Beat L.A, Beat L.A ! Can`t wait to see the sad faces at Staples. Especially the celebrities. Bunch of fake fans, don`t even know basketball. Damn HollyWood Lakers!

  • Nick

    Kobe what a fuckin pussy, I remember when Chris Childs Ko’d his punk ass back in the day. If your gna do something do it, wtf is that pointing like an old lady shit?? Just get rough with Gasol and they will crumble. Its a tried and true formula. Those European big men are all pussies. Good thing 4 semih that Turkey is in Asia!

  • greenbeand

    this might be one of the most intelligent observations kobe has ever made. too bad the lakers resigned fish for 3 yrs!! LOL

  • MightyCeltics

    Good luck seeing Lakers lose to SAC, which is worse than the Suns, see ya trolls.

  • MightyCeltics

    It’s gonna be raining when the Celtics leave that poor city with a win.

  • paul

    Geez, what do you care whether or not either Ray or Rondo is or isn’t homo?

  • paul

    Rondo has been playing less and less well. I sortof hope he’s been saving it for this game, because we need a big performance from him.

  • Classless

    C’s will rape the rapist in his own house. As for the lame ” beach day” comments: have fun sitting in hours of traffic to get there. I’ll just walk to my beach in the summer. Also, keep pretending palm trees are native to California. They aren’t.

  • I

    Wow. All I meant was that I’m not implying it’s gay. Excuse me. I think it’s sweet.

  • Nora

    Lakers can go ahead and try this tactic. But as proven in the past most recently during the Portland game C’s can work around that strategy.

  • javagoogle


  • DRJ

    Don’t forget the smog, and this fine little tidbit: “LA… ranks near the bottom of the barrel for intelligence, friendliness or affordability.”
    But Kobe is not a rapist, legally. (And fyi, you could theoretically be sued up the wazoo for typing that in a public forum. But only theoretically.)

  • trytryagain

    12:30, sweetheart.

  • CFH

    I’ve always loved that picture too. Mainly because I once saw it on a Laker forum with the caption alluding to Kobe doing to Rondo what he did in the Colorado hotel room. The other Faker fans had to explain to the slightly dim poster that that caption was actually insulting Kobe, not Rondo…