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C’s drop a debacle in Phoenix


This game was an utter mess from the beginning.  The C's came out… well… like an older team on a back-to-back after a cross-country trip and losing an hour in the timezone switch. 

They sucked. 

Doc got tossed after a couple of techs… KG got tossed after a "dust up" with Channing Frye.  The C's looked like crap until they cut the lead to single digits late in the 4th.  But then Nate Robinson took a horribly ill-advised 3… Marcin Gortat ( career high 19 pts and 17 rebounds, including a 3 to end the 1st quarter) followed that up with a basket… KG flicked Frye in the nuts… and it was over.  The 88-71 loss is the worst of the season for the C's.

As for the KG play:  dumb.  Just a dumb play.  There's no defense for it.

It seems both the C's and the Lakers forgot they had games to play tonight before their big matchup on Sunday.  The Lakeshow fell to the god-awful Kings… AT HOME… tonight. 

My advice:  Let this one go, and focus on Sunday.

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  • javagoogle

    Yes. Sunday..

  • Lee in Oregon

    Not that it matters but will someone please take the stick out of Steve Javies’s ass…
    Worst game in very long time, glad Frank took the starters out after KG made sure Fry is a man, (and got his ass thrown out). On to LA.

  • trytryagain

    I’m not gonna say anything about the game, both the Lakers & The Celtics dropped the deuce tonight. My comment is on Doc getting tossed. It was obvious he wanted out of the game, out of either embarrassment or frustration. The “acting angry” performance was pretty see through. I just don’t get that logic, and think it was a bad move.
    What a shitty night of basketball. Here’s hoping Sunday is better.
    Quick note on Sunday: I just can’t buy into the hype. Yes, I realize that it’s the first meeting of “our” two teams since we snagged the trophy – but billing as a Finals rematch is just lame marketing. Sure, it gets everyone up for it. But neither team can walk away Sunday with a win and claim complete dominance and thus the foreshadowed glimpse of a Finals result. Still the regular season, and the difference between now and The Finals is HUGE. So get hyped up, but none of us can hang our hat on a win, or lose all hope at a loss.
    Hats off to The Suns, though. Ha!

  • Mileke

    Lmao preety classy, but I guess you dont know that Doc dont give a damn about an embarrassment, I think he was just trying to influence his team! Other than that, everything you just said was totally correct!

  • Frank

    On the bright side, LA lost at home to Kings…
    Or otherwise this comment section would have been full of trolls…

  • john

    how bout those kings huh? so much for that frontline of yours…demarcous cousins 27 and 10

  • trytryagain

    Sorry, man. I’m not getting into a stat pissing match. I could smack you around with some god awful stats via The Celtics – but what’s the point? I ain’t biting.
    I believe you would call what you just attempted the “reverse troll”.

  • trytryagain

    It’s the same story internet wide. The knife cuts both ways, it’s up to you to rise above it if you have the class.

  • KY Celts fan

    not buying the hype either. feels different this year. Maybe it’s the Laker’s struggles, maybe it’s the C’s health. Probably cuz both teams know the regular season doesn’t matter.

  • Goceltics

    Crappy game. Oh well. When Gortat hits a 3. Better call it a night. This was like an elimination game for Pheonix. Kind of wish we could be the under dogs again. Every loss would not be so magnified. It is what it is.

  • Goceltics

    Yes, it is just a game, and it will not determine who this years champs will be. This is a bigger game for the Celtics than for the Lakers. After that heart breaker game 7, it would be nice to beat L.A on Sunday. It`s like punching something when you are pissed, It does nothing for you, but it sure does feel good after you do it.

  • PPsucks

    We still here Franky lol…night just sucked tho lol

  • PPsucks

    Well…….that……sucked…….both ways lol

  • Mike Munger-Return to the Rafters

    How anyone can diss KG is amazing to me. The replay showed he wasn’t even looking at Frye when he BARELY tapped him. Frye went down like he got hit by Tyson and then “MAGICALLY” recovered like Hulk Hogan. Steve javie and his crew of blind mice completely ruined the rhythm of this game from the get go. Doc did NOTHING to warrant an ejection. Neither did KG. Hell, if KG got tossed why wasn’t that French Frog petrius ejected?? What he did to KG was intentional.

  • trytryagain

    Ref blaming after a loss is like telling the girl she was too fat anyway after she chose to leave your bed. Man up.

  • Nick

    I’m sick of playing like trash on the second night of back2backs… Save up guys like Wafer, Semih and have people ready 2 play on the bacj-end. Fuck losing to pussies like Phoenix who wouldn’t play D if you payed them to. And 4 all u people not pumped up 4 L.A boston? R u fucking joking.!!! These pussies robbed us last year when perk was out and K.G was hobbled. That fuckin bisexual Gasol had like 10 offensive rebounds in the first half. If Perk and Shaq don’t fucking inflict some serious bodily harm on the big Spic I’m going to be mighty angry. All that B.S about how Gasol is tougher now and all that B.S about how Artest can cover Pierce is complete trash and it is gona be evident on Sunday. I’ve never seen a garbage player with a more false reputation than Ron ArFtiggenTest. The guy can’t cover a fucking child and people talk him up like he’s a stopper. Pierce has been dropping 30 on him 4 years. Same thing for Carmelo and Durant. I’ve seen Kevin Martin drop 37 on him. I’ve seen alota guys embarass him. B4 all u clowns hype up Artest, watch some game-tape, The dude lost his mobility back in 2005. Garbage.

  • trytryagain

    You might wanna put down the Insane Clown Posse lyric sheet when you post on the internet. Makes it easier on everybody.

  • I notice trytryagain didn’t have anything to say about this brilliance. Maybe PPsucks is the fat woman he just kicked out of bed.

  • DRJ

    Totally forgettable game, not even worth discussing.
    Understand that the Celtics got to their beds that day at approximately 5:30am local time. THAT’S 8:30AM FOR THEIR BODY CLOCKS — approx when they’d normally wake up. It’s likely none of them got any sleep worth a damn. These coast-to-coast back-to-backs are INSANE — and Doc knew it, which is why he tried to get it changed.
    If it were me, I would have sat the starters right from the start, and let the bench play the whole game. Hell with em. This never was a winnable game anyway, structurally.
    As for KG: He didn’t hit Frye in the nuts. The tap hit just about the genitals, in the lower abdomen. That’s clear from the video, and also from the way Frye got up 1 second later.
    And the refs were just atrocious. Shame on them AND the NBA — for both their ridiculous scheduling and officiating (both of which all teams have to suffer through).

  • larry

    agreed.! but, you have to remember, the nba is a business and they could care less what you and i think.

  • nick

    ICP??? Try 2pac, try nas I hate ICP, why don’t you go to the fuckin laker sight for homos. Anyone who cheers on Pau Gasol has to be somewhat gay.

  • Mileke

    Which is why we lost, no excuses, just reasons! We’ll be ready sunday!

  • larry

    i hope your right.!!

  • PPsucks

    Maybe Count Istvan is a pathetic scrub that on his name is scared to put that since the merger its Lakers 10 Celtics 4…….head to head Lakers 3 Celtics 2…..sure you got your little titles when your team basically had all the best players during the 60s theres was only 2 other best players and they played on the Lakers……it was basically 5 on 2…..since the merger your franchise is pathetic…..Lakers have the best franchise and its not even close…..i wonder what you chowda heads are going to say when its 17 all