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RedsArmy presents FanFriday #7 “The Scotsman”

I'll let the 1st minute of the following video introduce this week's "FanFriday" featured fan. His name is Mike Munger aka "The Scotsman". Watch the first minute of this preview for "Return to the Rafters" to get a feel for just how dedicated a C's fan he is:


That was Mike at his home in Connecticut showing off some of his C's jerseys in "Return to the Rafters". If you haven't seen it, go and get it now- it's a must see for any C's fan. Mike was a perfect choice to be featured in the movie.

Mike was born in Scotland, (hence "The Scotsman") and came to the US in 1985. He began watching the Celts on tv, loved the NBA & started following the C's religiously. He remembers identifying with the C's, as Glascow, Scotland has a soccer club called "Celtic". He loved the toughness and domination by Bird and his mates and was hooked. By the time Mike's 2nd son was born, Celtic green ran thick through his veins. So much so that he named the boy Cameron Pierce Munger-the middle name after Paul "The Truth" Pierce.


I have gone to games and hung-out with The Scotsman more than once, and he is intense. This guy lives, breathes and sleeps the Boston Celtics. And of course, he hates the Lakers. This guy wears his heart on his sleeve and it is green. He has gone toe to toe with Lakers fans on blogs, call-in shows and in person. Other than myself, I cannot think of anyone who detests Douche24 and company more.

The thing I admire/envy most about Mike is that he got to see one particular player in person that I never did-Larry Legend. Mike's 1st ever C's game was a preseason tilt in Portland, Maine vs the Bucks during Bird's tenure. He notes it as his favorite Celts memory.

Mike has been featured on quite a few C's blogs. He's known for his very strong views on the league, David Stern and the refs. But love Mike or hate him, you cannot question his undying passion and loyalty for his team. The guy is simply a legendary fan. I mean c'mon, his cat is named Rondo. So Mike, thanks for all you do for CelticsNation-it has not gone unnoticed.

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  • Big daddy

    my cousin has a jiri welsch jersey too it’s awesome

  • 1825

    How come no one seems to be in a panic mode (or at least concerned) about pierce’s injury this morning? The man is playing on a bum ankle and hurt his knee last night and not a single post about it?
    Man, pierce really spoiled us all. It’s like he’d have to be amputated to cause an alarm around here. Even then we’d all expect him to suit up and play.

  • Because the C’s didn’t seem too concerned. His ankle is fine and it’s actually a thigh bruise, not a knee.
    if it’s a concern, we’ll post something

  • Mike Munger-Return to the Rafters

    Great job KWAPT. I really appreciate the kind words.

  • My pleasure Mike! You represent C’s Nation to the fullest my man. Keep it up!!