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Enemy Chatter: The Green Mafia walks away with a win

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Portland.

Still, Boston only led by 6, 64-58, heading into the final period.  Score very low, margin pretty low…recipe for beating the Celtics mostly intact!

And that's when we saw Sonny at the Toll Booth.

Boston decided to stop messing around in the fourth.  They started by beating Portland down on the defensive end.  And we're talking gang-kicking-on-the-ground style here.  This was Portland's scoring production up until 3:04 of the fourth period:  Luke Babbitt makes a layup, Andre Miller makes a layup, Andre Miller makes a free throw.  Yeah, that's all.  You might notice some names missing there…namely all of them.  

It's not like the Celts set the world on fire with their own offense but they had equaled those 5 points in the first three minutes of the period, leaving them 6 extra ones in which to build a margin before Portland's offense switched on again.  When the rest of the guys did show up it was too late, as if they thought the meeting was in Manhattan but it was really in New Jersey.  The Caddies peeled around the corner to find the deed already done.  

The Blazers tried gamely to get back in it but, rattled, they gave up turnovers and offensive rebounds, sealing their fate.  The Green Mafia walked with an 88-78 victory.  Score low, margin never overcome…recipe for beating the Celtics failed.

Blazers Edge

Kudos to the guys who write for the Blazers Edge. I really enjoyed reading their analysis – funny and insighful.

On Page 2, KG's money quote of the night.

“I’m more into letters than numbers.”

That was the money quote of the evening, given by Kevin Garnett in response to someone mentioning LaMarcus Aldridge had a double-double by halftime. Indeed, as while Aldridge did manage to put up seventeen points and sixteen rebounds on the night, it wouldn’t matter in the end as the Boston Celtics dismantled the Portland Trail Blazers, 88-78, and gave them their second straight “L” in a row.

Portland Roundball Society

Gotta love these Blazers bloggers. Quite humble in defeat.

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  • greenbeand

    blazers just don’t know what hit them or were busy checking out rondos shoes and headband http://bit.ly/cDLoxV

  • “I’m more into letters than numbers.”
    One of the best quotes of the year.

  • Portland is overlooked as a great NBA town. That is a city that is passionate about its team. Portland has as knowledgeable an NBA fan base as any city out there.

  • BRADinLA

    Yeah my roommate is a Blazer fan from Oregon and he’s a pretty knowledgeable hoops junkie.

  • BRADinLA

    … and we bond over our hatred of the Lakers.

  • Lee in Oregon via Melrose

    I’ll respectfully disagree with that…Portland is a great NBA town in that they fill the gym and love thier Blazers….but they are NOT a knowledgable fan base….(I’d say the opposite even). For the most part they’re myopic, thinking every guy on the roster is a future hall-of-famer. I don’t know if it’s the incredibly strong ganga out here or the fact that they havn’t done anything decent since Drexler and that crew couldnt win a home game in 2 finals apperances. Great city, good gym, good fans, but the only real knowledge is where they’re gonna have pints after the game.