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Your Morning Dump… Where the rebounding has started to slip

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After a strong start to the season on the defensive glass led by Garnett, the Celtics have dropped to ninth in defensive rebounding rate, which isn’t bad, but not as good as they were. The obvious reason for the drop was the absence of Garnett, but since he’s been back they’ve had only one dominant rebounding game (against Detroit) and four mediocre ones.

Asked about the slide after practice on Monday, Rivers said he isn’t worried about the rebounding yet, and the assumption is that when Garnett and Perkins get their timing back they will help the Celtics return to the top of the rankings.

That needs to happen on this trip because they face three of the top five offensive rebounding teams in the league in Portland, Los Angeles and Sacramento.

The Celtics held both the Blazers and Kings in check in their earlier meetings and will need a similar effort this time around. The Lakers need no advance scouting report. The 23 offensive rebounds they surrendered in Game 7 will haunt them the rest of their days.

What would constitute a successful trip? Taking at least two out of three against Portland, Phoenix and Sacramento would be a good start, but it all really comes down to Sunday in Los Angeles.

The Celtics already have wins against Miami, Chicago, Orlando and San Antonio. All that’s left from the regular season resume is a win in L.A.

WEEI – What to watch for on the West coast trip

Rebounding is the ultimate hustle stat. And if the Celtics are in the winter doldrums portion of the schedule, then it's natural that their rebounding will suffer. Injuries are also a part of this equation – the frontcourt has been a revolving door. With Perk back on the court, one would assume the rebounding will approve.

Shaquille O'Neal made the trip to Portland, but his status for tonight's game is unknown. Marquis Daniels is also expected back tonight.

As for my expectations for the road trip, I'm confident the Cs can go 3-1. I'm afraid the loss will come vs Los Angeles.

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On Page 2, now's the time to hit up Wyc Grousbeck for a loan.

The Celtics are the fourth-highest valued NBA franchise in the latest list released by Forbes Magazine. The magazine valued the team at $452 million.

The Knicks overtook the Lakers as the most valuable franchise, the Knicks' value rising from $586 million last year to $655 million this year. Increased ticket sales and sponsorships contributed to the rise. The value of the Lakers went up six percent, from $607 million to $643 million. The Bulls, valued at $511 million, were third.

LeBron James had an impact on the value of two franchises. The Miami Heat's value rose 17 percent, to $425 million. Meanwhile, the value of the Cleveland Cavaliers dropped a league-high 26 percent to $355 million.

Globe – Celtics 4th most valuable franchise

Wyc bought the team 8 years ago for $360 million. Safe to say he's seen a decent increase in his investment during a recession. Let's hope Wyc never sells this team, I love the guy.

Click here for more details on the Celtics value and revenue.

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  • paul

    There would be no better way to celebrate Perkins’ return than to go out and sweep this roadtrip. But the key is not so much rebounding, as important as that is; the key is sustained movement, team play, passing, effort on offense. If we assist on a high percentage of baskets – as we should, because that’s our game – we should be unstoppable.

  • Goceltics

    Paul Pierce needs to make Artest a non factor on Sunday.Get him into foul trouble. Artest torched us in Game 7. Or have Shaq do a blind side pick and level him. That would be great.

  • nick

    Shaq and Perkins and Garnett and Baby all have to have an extreme physical presence in this game. Gasol cannot I repeat CANNOT play tough Bball. Artest sucks and can bno dick against Pierce. Don’t misconstrue a few wide open 3’s for him dominating Pierce. Ron never has and never will stop Pierce. I love what Shaq has done here in Boston and I’m 1 hundred percent confident he’s going Sunday. I’de lose a ton of respect for him if he doesn’t, but that aint happening, he’ll be tormenting gasol and bynum all day. We aint losing this game

  • Goceltics

    Yeah cant let Gasol get his little ferry rebounds with no resistance from us. Pound em. Pound em Pound them!

  • Time for a blockbuster trade

    Artest is a non-factor. What are you talking about?!

  • Time for a blockbuster trade

    All it comes down to is energy — we need to come out w/ more energy and do what miami did to them on xmas. That said, its going to be tough w/ the way this road trip is set up. Hopefully the team will be on an adrenalin high w/ all the back to backs and have a nice rhythm going into LA. The return of shaq will add a nice boost for the team going into this game too. Also nice to have perk ramping back up too.

  • Goceltics

    What I said was Pierce needs to make him a non factor. Shut him down