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You can buy tickets to road games (like the Lakers game) from us too

RedsArmyAdmin January 27, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off

So you know by now that we're selling tickets to C's home games.  But not all of you who read us are in Boston.  Some of you live in other NBA cities.

Well, now you can buy tickets to Celtics road games as well.  So if you're in Los Angeles and you want to try to get into that C's-Lakers game on Sunday… you can do it one of two ways: 

1: Click on the "Buy Tickets" link at the top of the site.  Then click on "Other Celtics Games" and the full schedule will pop up.  Pick the game you want, home or road, and you're there.

2: Go to the widget on the left and use the pull down menu at the top of it.  You'll get a listing of the games coming up in next couple of weeks.  Click on the game you want, then click on buy tickets, and you'll get the page for that game. 

It's very easy.  So no matter where you are in the country… if you can get to an arena where the Celtics are playing… you can get tickets to that game through us.  Oh, and if you're looking for tickets to the Lakers game…. here's the page for that…. just to make it easier for you.  You can see from the graphic above that the average ticket price is up there… but there are some tickets for less than $150. 

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