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The Two Man Game at 9 with ESPN’s Tim Legler

Legler The C's are out West for an important road trip… one which includes a Sunday afternoon game against the Lakers.  Joining us tonight on The 2 Man Game to preview the trip will be ESPN NBA Analyst Tim Legler.

The show starts at 9pm and Tim will join us right at the top of the show, so don't miss it.  Then Chuck and I will take it the rest of the way to 10pm… just in time for you to catch the pre-game show on TV and the C's-Blazers game at 10:30 (with Bill Walton on the call with Mike Gorman).

Visit our show page to listen to the show.  We'll see you at 9!

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  • BRADinLA

    Legler rules. One of the best no-nonsense sports analysts anywhere.

  • Tim Legler was awsome in NBA live 95 and he drinks miller lite in the 40oz.

  • BRADinLA

    ah, ok… I’m not FROM LA you know

  • ShawnCVD

    Uh…this should be deleted and the poster banned…

  • ShawnCVD

    That’s our boy Nick. He’s like 19 and as ridiculous as he can sound what he said there OS quite accurate. Boston lost last year due to rebounding woes. Not only was that addressed with acquisitions of the ONeals they reloaded at every position. Plus KG is healthy again and Ray and Truth are playing better than at any point since getting together. The Celtics will be a hard out for anyone.
    So Nick gets his bragging rights…go troll else where …

  • BRADinLA


  • LOL Indeed.

  • Andrew

    Lol! This trash probably hasn’t gone out of his house since 2001. I feel you man, must be hard living in a trailer!

  • nick

    Thanks man, I’m 21 now but I appreciate the support. These L.A Fags are like Cowboy fans, straight bandwagon jumpers who can only name like 3 people on the team. Have you ever heard the expression I bleed purple and gold? No because they don’t. Fuck them, they are weak and soft

  • PPsucks

    LOL you pathetic scrubs wouldnt show your faces for 24 years so stfu

  • PPsucks Best example!…..all of a sudden Ainge is a great GM and Doc is a great coach!! lol

  • nick

    1 star in L.A We got like 7 out here in the Bean u little fudgepacker. Enjoy losing again sunday and saying “its o.k we will turn it on come playoff time, and just keep thinking its gona happen, but it won’t ” I’de show my face anytime u fucking homo, I’ll crack your skull, but ur probably out eating a slush on a beach in venice with Apau Gasol tee with the sleeves cut off. Bunch of pussies

  • FEARLA2011

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