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NBA Players think Rondo would be a pretty good QB

Si Players Nba Poll – 01.31.11 – SI Vault via kwout

Rondo football SI's latest player poll asked 164 NBA'ers who'd make the best NFL quarterback and Rajon Rondo finished second to LeBron James.  

If you've paid close attention, you already know Rondo likes to toss a football around in practice from time to time (hence the photo) and he used to play back in his younger days… where he actually played quarterback.

Somehow Kevin Love snuck in there… apparently because 7% of the people polled remembered most QB's are goofy looking white guys.

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  • I guess Love’s outlet passing has people thinking about QB skills? The parallels are definitely better for PGs (or LeBron-like playmakers). Rondo probably could have torn up the NCAA if he had played football at Kentucky…

  • greenbeand

    too bad they’re heading for a lock out

  • paul

    I think you got it right, Priest. It’s Love’s outlet passing that got him the love there.

  • paul

    Btw, anyone who thinks Cowens wouldn’t be dominant in the NBA today, look at Love and imagine a much better version of that…

  • Rondo would be a great QB… What ever happened to that foot race between him and Chris Johnson on the Titans?