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Clearing up the Rip Hamilton rumors

NESN's misrepresentation of a Boston Globe article got some of us all worked up on Twitter. The stories involve disgruntled Pistons guard Rip Hamilton.

Here's what Gary Washburn had to say:

The Celtics had faint interest in sharpshooter Peja Stojakovic, who was bought out by the Raptors Thursday. Stojakovic (above) is headed to Dallas, according to a league source, because his family is close by in New Orleans, and the Mavericks desperately need small forward help with the injury to Caron Butler. The Celtics are keeping their eyes open for available players, and the pool will increase with the trade deadline upcoming. But team president Danny Ainge is pleased with his current roster and would like to see what happens when Delonte West and Jermaine O’Neal return from injury. Detroit’s Richard Hamilton would intrigue Ainge, but the Pistons would have to work out a buyout of his remaining $30 million, which includes an early termination option for 2012-13. It seems hopeless that Hamilton and the Pistons can continue beyond this season.

In short – Washburn says Hamilton would intrigue Boston. Not "Hamilton on Celtics radar" or "Detroit's guard is drawing interest from guys in green," as claimed by NESN.

Do we really want Rip here? Even if a buyout is achieved (Rip reportedly won't take a penny less than $30 million), where does he fit? With Delonte back, Nate becomes the two guard. I'll go on record and say I'd rather have Nate than Rip.

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  • chemistry is good right now, this is not like bringing P.J. Brown. Once agian, Thank you P.J. for that 18 footer that shot that took nuts!!!!! if it not broke don’t fix it rip wants minutes we can’t give him that. plus the way Q is playing and with D west on the come back. I see no need!!!! we should stay Pat unless something comes up.

  • Cam

    I would think that if Rip decided to come here he would know, or would be informed, of what is role would be. I’d assume it would be pretty clear, to back up Ray Allen. If he accepts this role I think there is no way you don’t bring him in. He is very similar to Ray Allen on offense without the 3 point shot. The 2 guard spot would be absolutely lethal. Imagine Ray getting subbed out (or in foul trouble) just to have his virtual twin come in for him? I’m just picturing D wade or Kobe running around off of Ray screens and then when Rip comes in the same cycle over again. Wow

  • Classless

    You’re a bonehead if you want Nate over Rip. Nate will be rotting on the bench for most of the playoffs, Rip wouldn’t.

  • Danno

    I do not want RIP here. Always hated that guy.
    I’d rather have Sheed back.

  • KY Celts fan

    Much rather have Rip than Nate. Rip at least has somewhat of an IQ.
    Of course, in order to get Rip, we’d have to buy a player out. That player would more than likely be Von, since his contract is the smallest. So we would have both Rip and Nate.

  • mollysdaddy

    Rip does not fit here. I am sure a new team will give him some life and his game may pick up (he’s been awful for a year and a half) but defensively he doesn’t have it. Too small too slow and too uninterested in it.

  • Paul

    Much rather have Rip over Nate, but at what cost though?

  • Time for a blockbuster trade

    Lets get rip and sheed!

  • Banner18

    Folks only hate Rip ’cause he played for the Pistons (yuck!). He’s a typical UConn 2 guard: in constant motion and with a great mid range game. He doesn’t shoot the 3, but his mid range gamek is second to none. If Rip comes, Von Wafer goes ( unless Nate has to go to make salaries match). I’d prefer to keep Nate, ’cause he’s younger and when he gets on a roll he’s hard to stop.
    If Delonte can’t come back or gets hurt again, we’re going to need a back up point guard. Nate can only do it in short bursts. Like House, Nate is a 2 in a 1 guard body.
    Do Ray and Rip like each other (I know they both went to UConn)?

  • mollysdaddy

    Rip’s mid range game used to be second to none. 41% this year and last. Now it could be a result of having a terrible coach in Detroit, but we all know how fast shooting guards age (present company aside) and it would seem Rip is well past his great shooting days. As for the 3, he is money from the corner, but not so much elsewhere. There are many guys in the league worth taking a chance on for the stretch run, I don’t think Rip is one of them.

  • Dude

    RIP’s game is great. He plays good defense and is a team player. I feel sorry for him now although I hate Detroit.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Nobody want’s him at 30 mil….but anyone would take Rip over Nate. It’s not even debateable. Other than the guy’s wears’a a mask and his name is Rip, he’s a solid, former all-star with a ring that still has some skills. Nate on his best behavior is a 5-9 2-guard role guy.

  • Vandell

    Chemistry: is the key word. I would love to see rip in Boston, but Nate must stay. At the end of the day, the Celtics are all about heart, and Mates heart beats and bleeds green. I would be very disappointed if Nate was passed off for rip or anybody worth mentioning.