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New KG “152-120” p.e. Antas

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You think KG is looking forward to his first meeting with the Lakers since last year's Game 7?

Well, I'd say the fact that Anta has made a special "152-120" version of his signature shoe is plenty of evidence. Ticket will wear these bad boys when the C's meet L.A. this Sunday.

Check out the entire piece over at CounterKicks.

Oh, and I won't tell you what "152-120" means, but most diehards will know…(or just click the link)

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  • PPsucks

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! yuck just like your fan base

  • bkgreen18

    Sucks for you guys that even with our years of suck we still own you all time.

  • PPsucks

    Not bad for a team (Celtics) that did all their damage when there was only 3 teams in the league……dare i ask how many titles do you guys have since 1980?

    for u green scumbags
    and btw: Kobe will ave “83-79 Game 7” stitched on his shoes for the upcoming game

  • Lee in Oregon

    Listen up taker fans, if you guys are gonna count the 6 you won in the 50’s in a city 1800 miles away that most of you cant even spell….then we’ll count the 60’s where we completely dominated the shit out of Elgin & Jerry West.
    If your team even makes it through San Antonio, we’re gonna beat the shit out of you worse than 08. And good luck with that broken down piece of crap Theo Ratliff….Jermaine O’neal thinks that guy is injury prone.

  • PPsucks

    4 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we got 10 you scrub….and we can spell it Minneapolis so dont speak for yourself……..and why cant we count em last time i checked it was still the LAKERS franchise…..the city of where they play in is irrelevant if we keep the same name you pathetic Scrubtic fan

  • someone from Oregon is talking about “distance”
    oh, the hilarity from u celtic-scumbags

  • Nora

    Lakers are winning some games again. Lowlife Laker fans are creeping back in LOL.
    If you were not a fan of the Lakers in the 50s and 60s when they were 1800 or so miles from LA then they don’t count.

  • Nora

    or more like it the ‘no life’ trolls

  • Danno

    Since 1980 the Celtice have met the lakers in the Finals 5 times.
    We won 3. Lakers won 2. We still own you.

  • Game 7

    Haha. Win!

  • Doop

    You trolls are very immature. I can tolerate a healthy, educated conversation with a Laker fan. The only thing you guys are accomplishing is giving true Lakers fans bad raps.
    PS. Good luck with those Spurs.

  • PPsucks

    P.S. Good luck with that Heat

  • PPsucks


  • Spursin2011

    PPisafool…….and how many of those titles (did the Celtics win?) where the damage was done AGAINST the lakers (in the finals head to head) …”when there was only 3 teams in the league” …and the Lakers being one of those teams?
    That would be SEVEN TIMES against your pathetic Lakers before 1970.
    No wonder Lakers fans get made fun of about being some of the most unknowledgable fans in the league!!
    What would you be saying if the sucky lakers would have won all seven of those titles against the celtics when there was only 3 teams in the league? (more like 8 teams u fool) They were against only 8 teams? LOL!!! You loser!! Bawaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  • Lakeshow2010

    Kobe did nothing to help win that game. Perkins, Fisher and artest won that game for the lakers. Be real bro

  • John

    LOL funny how KG uses a win loss record where most of the wins he has absolutely nothing to do with. Surprising that KG wouldn’t use his career win loss numbers vs the Lakers oh wait that’s right those numbers wouldn’t look very nice for him.

  • Gil

    We’re fine with the Heat we beat them twice this year. While the Lakers got blown on by them Heat. Even Jerry West can’t stand you team get over yourself. Dare I remind you Magic Johnson sold his stock in the Lakers as well.

  • Andy

    reply to lee in oregon:
    Look I have mad respect for the old Boston Celtic team, but this Boston Celtics team is filled with a bunch of cry babies including your coach doc rivers. yall cry about every foul called, im surprised you guys havent got the most technicals this season. K.G. is crying every foul. P. Pierce thinks he is the best piece of shit out there just because he won a ONE title. The only player worthy of wearing the Celtics jersey on your squad is Rajon Rondo. Everyone else is full of shit.

  • Gil

    no Pierce thinks he’s the best cause he shits all over the Lakers. Remember Shaq giving him the nickname The Truth cause he shit all over them. You probabl loved Shaq on the Lakers and now he’s not worthy. Don’t comment you clearly don’t know what your talking about

  • dgold

    Those shoes might even be uglier than Kobe’s….

  • dgold

    Is that KG’s face on the back or a map of the Mediterranean Sea…?
    And actually, since Bird & Magic entered the league, the head to head is 55-41 in favor of the Lakers & 10-4 Championships… But who’s counting?


    Loston Ceptics SUCK!!!!

  • trytryagain

    Way to keep it current KG. The only wins he can take credit for having a hand in are the only ones he should be putting on his feet. Riding coattails is a MAJOR bitch move. KG has not always been a Celtic, and didn’t have a hand in those wins. Kind of a sad shoe, in a way. “Hey, ma I lost the chance 2 out of 3 times to beat this Laker team….but, but, but we have a better record against ’em all time ma! I swear we’re good ma!”
    It’s a shoe. A SHOE.

  • John

    Why would he put numbers from Minnesota on his Boston shoes…that’s like pau putting his wins and losses against the celtics from his Memphis days on his shoes….idiot

  • John

    You should watch a lakers game once in a while because you see fisher flopping or Kobe in the refs ear when he can’t hit a shot against great defense or there’s always the classic moan from pau gasol when comes within 2 feet of someone

  • John

    Loston ceptics… Come on man if you’re gonna troll a quality website at least come of with something better than that. You’re pathetic

  • RealTalkBostonCelticsFans

    I seen some true Lakers fans(not counting any of these pathetic wanna be fans who commented here) that I can respect. I could have a better conversation with a monkey than any of you idiots.
    “Loston Ceptics SUCK!!!!”. Smh lol that’s the dumbest comment I have ever seen on the internet by far.
    C’mon guys this is like talking to a bunch of young little punks who think they’re black and stay behind a computer screen typing all bad. If you hang around here more than your own forums then that means you admire us that much and think our team is better than yours. Get a life losers!

  • mamba

    Anta needs to change the shoe after the game 152-121!!!

  • Jinno Rufino is Gay

    If you’re looking for the ugliest basketball shoe ever made, its the Kobe VI Grinch edition.

  • Vince Garcia

    Look I understand how jealous the Celtics fans are of Lakers fans.1st you have to indure such a crappy city to live in.2nd the women there look for like Larry Bird and Robert Parrish.3rd you have nothing else to do out there but hate!I know you wish you lived out here on the best coast I understand, but when your women look the way they do compared to what we have out here I would be a hater too!So in closing Celtics fans you can hate all you want,but you still have live in that jacked up city

  • dgold

    No argument here… Those things were nasty.

  • Banner18

    Lakers wins in Minnie obviously don’t count as Los Ageles wins. Even if you are desperate enough to count them, the Fakers are stll behind the Boston Celtics, and when we win this year we’ll have 18. I hope Fakers can at least make it to the finals, but we’ll probably have to settle for the Spurs. At least their team and their fans have class.


    Weird how whenever something that’s perceived as negative against the LAkers comes on the site, they all come outa the woodwork
    I woulda thought some of these punks would actually have something to do in their lives…..

  • RealTalkBostonCelticsFans

    I’m not jealous of a city full of ignorance and self-absorbed scumbags. I mean if I had to choose I rather go to Boston where there is history and better teams. While in L.A. you got Fakers, Dodgers, and…. who cares. If I never go to L.A., I wouldn’t be disappointed at all.

  • RealTalkBostonCelticsFans

    Oh yeah the women there must be like you “Distorted and out of place”.

  • RealTalkBostonCelticsFans

    Doesn’t piss us all just makes us laugh and see how sad it got to be to troll on Celtic sites 24/7. Get a job and do something else with your life.

  • First off would like to add that Im a long time Laker Fan. I enjoy watching the Lakers and Celtics go heads up. Both sides have whiners and complainers. Both sides have future hall of fame players. I would rather see the Lakers and Celtics go at it again this year because both teams are getting older and the window is getting much smaller. Instead of trolling I say sit back and enjoy what both teams are giving us because in a few years things will change. I would like to say that the city of Boston is awesome. I went there last year to watch the Dodgers vs Red Sox play and for the most part the fans are really classy,city is beautiful w/tons of history. As for “Gil”…. I would like to correct you by saying that Magic Johnson sold his shares of the team and other business as well because he is trying to bring in an NFL team to Los Angeles.


    your coach doc rivers such a baby saying lakers lost game 7 bc of no perkins. shit we didnt have ariza or bynum in 2008 finals, and are we complaining? lol

  • NoName

    don’t forget to make sure your rings touched this time you green richard heads.


    No excuse please. Let’s make a deal, no blaming the refs after the Lakers win in a blow out. Lakers will go more to the FT line because of the physical play of Boston. No excuses please Loston. I want Doc to start Perk so he can stop using the corny lame excuse of “no one has beaten our starting 5.