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C’s tried to change this road trip

Via Chris Forsberg

"The only thing I don't like about this trip is the travel and games so quickly," said Rivers. "Traveling to Portland and playing a game the next day is brutal. And then you fly backwards to Phoenix, where you lose an hour, and then you play [the Lakers] in a [12:30 PST] game. That's a lot of games. 

"We get our schedules before the season starts, before [the media] get them, and we have a chance to change games. This is the one trip we actually really tried to get changed. We just wanted another day, but [the NBA] said, 'No.'" 

I never realized teams had a chance to change games on their schedule.  I wonder how many times its happened.

Switching things around would certainly make sense.  Starting in Phoenix, then going to Portland sure makes more sense.  But…. it is what it is.  Just found it interesting that teams had a chance to object to their schedules.

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