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Lamar Odom tells Playboy C’s fans among the “craziest”

From this morning's "Inside Track" section of the Boston Herald:

Lakers forward Lamar Odom tells Playboy magazine that Boston Celtics fans are among the craziest in the NBA:

 “You walk around Boston and somebody driving his or her car yells, ‘Hey, Odom, (bleep) you! We hate you!’’’ the Laker says in the mag’s 20 Questions column this month. “They say it like they mean it, too — not like they’re rooting for their team, but like they really don’t like you.’’ However, Odom told Hef's peeps that he does respect the fact that fans of da Green “know basketball’’ and “know the game.’’

We love you too Lamar. NOT.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Lamar eats like 50 candy bars a day. When I saw that piece showing his “personal assistant” driving aroung LA rounding up LO’s candy intake for the day, I never again wondered why Lamar never lived up to his potential….he’s too busy cramming shit into his mouth.

  • In that picture couldn’t he wait to take a shit until after he got off the court?

  • cmoney

    I used to watch Doom ball back in the day at URI. I’ve been a fan ever since. He’s playing crazy well right now. I wish we had a guy as good as Lamar off our bench.

  • ce

    Hey Lamar, in case you’re reading this, Fuck you!

  • BRADinLA

    I’m with cmoney, I’m a big Odom fan. Really good player.

  • Classless

    The dude is a starfucker and wannabe celeb. Plus, he married the ugly Kardashian.
    As for his game, he’s playing well now, but he’s a known frontrunner.

  • 18

    He’s called Glen Davis

  • kathy

    uh duhh.. of course we hate you. ..
    idiot… u and your man wife

  • Rhein

    Um, what is he expecting to hear from a fan in Boston? Dude’s blood runs more to his dick than his brain.

  • Rhein

    Um, what is he expecting to hear from a fan in Boston? Dude’s blood runs more to his dick than his brain.

  • piercewearsgreenpanties

    in case your hearing this boston fans FUCK YOU MORE fake ass accents

  • Goceltics

    We still Hate u Laker Bastids. We are going to seek Game 7 revenge on u. On your court. WE will Destroy you! You do not deserve that trophy! Kobe Bryant,What a little punk. Ron Artest, Look out Wafer will dunk on your punk ass.

  • Phenor Jenkins

    Are you really stupid nuff to compare that fat trash Glen Davis to lamar odom?

  • ShawnCVD

    Uh…Saw the mid season report special on NBATV and one of the analysts named Baby Sixth Man so far. That’s a pretty worthy award. Faker fans show their ignorance again by not recognizing the break out season Davis is having. Each year the guy’s improved unlike Candyman.


    Some real quality here today…..combined age 17…

  • ShawnCVD

    Hey KWAPT don’t you love how many trolls have copy catted your name? This guy should buy a RA shirt considering how long he’s been coming here for info and entertainment…

  • ShawnCVD

    Any time there’s ten plus comments in January it’s a troll battle!

  • He may want to worry about beating the Clippers first.

  • No chance of that. Maybe he got Klohe to read it to him though.

  • DRJ

    I couldn’t DISAGREE more. There will be no Game 7 this year.

  • Andrew

    The only trash here is you.

  • Andrew


  • Andrew

    Yep. LA is full of trash, can’t help that.

  • PPsucks

    Right after you worry about beating the Wizards

  • PPsucks

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Baby is a joke…..thats a funny joke tho almost as funny as Perkins saying if he would have played you guys would have won game 7! hahahahahahaha joke of the year in 2010

  • PPsucks

    that hurts coming from another man

  • PPsucks

    LOL!! you mean this BAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHSTINNNN fake accent?

  • PPsucks

    you guys are the one responding so that makes you trash

  • Ha ha…30 comments-very cool. Always glad when a post I put up causes debate. Shawn, I def take the name-imitators as a compliment.

  • ShawnCVD

    You argue like a little girl. You just pile on different topics and assume them to be true. Baby IS sixth man of half season according to 3D on the Mid Season Report shown yesterday on NBATV. Instead of referencing the LA Times or a Boston newspaper I chose a recent item unbiased national panel.

  • ShawnCVD

    Thanks for the clarification

  • Goceltics

    We are having FUN. Go join your freegin local Quilt club, DORK!

  • Goceltics

    It`s people like you,that make this world more difficult to live in. I served my country,Did my time. FUCK YOU!