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Former Celtics grace “worst NBA players” list


Everybody likes lists, but nobody likes to make a list like this one. Shoals and his Free Darko cohort Eric Freeman have a conversational piece on Fanhouse today about the worst players in the NBA, and a couple former fan favorites from the Green made the list. First up, a guy who's actually had a pretty nice year:

6. Shelden Williams, Denver Nuggets (EF)

EF: He isn't even the best player in his own household.

BS: Hard to argue with him being high on this list. Remember when he used to just rule the post in college? I will never forget that. It was like watching a cat write a book.

 His nickname was "The Landlord". I think Atlanta drafted him that year because they wanted to take advantage of the housing bubble. So, in a way, Shelden's career is the story of America.

BS: American masculinity has gone down the tubes.

I think Shelden gets a bad rap for being married to Candace Parker. If he didn't have that "not the best player in his house" (and does anyone really buy that Candace would beat him in 1-on-1? Please.) tag, he very well may not be mentioned. He's averaging 5 pts and 5.5 reb a game this year in 17 minutes, meaning he's (at least by the most basic stats around) a serviceable big off the bench. In more playing time early in the year, he actually was somewhat productive for Denver. 

Shel's no All-Star, but he wasn't even the worst forward in recent Celtics history (Mikki Moore…and if you let emotions get the best of you, you might even start throwing Sheed in there).

And now for the second Celtic on the list, a total surprise:


15. Brian Scalabrine, Chicago Bulls (BS)

 By far the most talked-about terrible player EVER.

EF: Is he even a professional basketball player? I thought he was a doll.

BS: He likes to mountain bike. And play with slugs.

It's no surprise that Scal is here, but I think it's unfair again. If Celts fans hadn't cheered for him so loudly despite his shortcomings, he never would have reached the level of infamy he did. He was a perfectly suitable as a fill-in, and Doc always praised his basketball IQ. Again, no All-Star, but I'd rather have him than many other guys in the league.

Any recent (or current) Celtics you'd have on the list? I've never been a Von Wafer guy, but I know he's shown flashes to some. If Gerald Green were still alive, I'd throw him somewhere near the top, certainly.

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  • Shel’s a great guy. He does more for his fans than alot of guys who are “stars.” Had a chance to meet him a couple times when he was in Boston. Real class act.

  • ShawnCVD

    I encourage you to retract you statement regarding Wallace.
    Sheed is not worse than Moore, P O’Bryant or the Landlord. Dump all you want on his shitty attitude but the guy held his own against D Howard and Pau last year.
    Also don’t forget Sheed did what he did in his final year. Those other guys are busts in their primes.

  • ShawnCVD

    Sorry JP reread and got what you meant. if emotional you might throw Sheed in the mix…gotcha

  • CFH

    ^ Did you have to remind me about O’Bryant? Body, skills, and a complete unwillingness to do anything useful with them.
    Neither Shel nor Scal belongs on that list. Shel was drafted too high, so in a way he’s a bust, but he’s not BAD… he’s just not a star.

  • Yeah definitely, Sheed was obviously much more talented than any of those guys, just was maddening to many of us. He played the game of his season in game 7, too, despite losing his wind by the end.

  • Yeah man you all gotta stop hating on sheed especially since he’s gonna be back on the squad in a few weeks! How Renaldo Balkman, Eddy Curry and Kwame Brown were not included on this list is beyond me

  • Shel can’t be the worst, a bust maybe, but I’ve seen far worse players. Mikki Moore one of them for certain.

  • Classless

    I’m surprised smart Celtics fans continue to think the crowd was actually “cheering” for Scalabrine. Shortly after he signed, it was clear he was the human victory cigar anytime he came into the game. He was that bad. What you heard were mock cheers for him. It was sad and pathetic. Scot Pollard was better because at least he was funny.

  • I think there was a mix. It was mostly because he was a red-headed white boy. I’m not saying Celts fans thought he was good — obviously it was in mocking. But if Scal were the exact same player but didn’t physically look so out of place, he wouldn’t have reached the same level in terms of what people thought of him.

  • Banner18

    There were hundreds of Celtic players worse than Sheldon and Scalabrine. What about Sidney Wicks and Curtis Rowe? How about Montrose or Abdanami (sp?) ?
    Sheed was once talented, but his attitude and playing style became poisonous. He didn’t run the floor, rarely posted up or hit the glass and never hustled. He whined until he got the T, giving away points and pissing off the refs. Heaving up over 125 low percentage 3’s, he was the antithesis of PJ Brown who almost never took a bad shot. I’d rather put needles in my eye than see Sheed wearing green again.
    You can’t teach height, but you can choose not to add a rotten apple to the barrel.
    Go Celts

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Last year Shel & Scal were on the same team! Ours!!! AWWWWW….. 😀