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KG’s gonna knock himself out if he’s not careful


I loved this play last night from KG.  Doesn't give up after the turnover… gets the steal right back and lays it in.  Then he pounds himself in the chin on the way back down the court. 

Easy dude.  You're too intense to be pulling that.  You're gonna end up knocking yourself out with either your fists… or the ball


I think we need to protect KG from KG more than anything else.

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  • UhOh!!

    how can you not respect a guy that’s so passionate about his job?? he’s been in the league 16 years and the passion hasn’t waned one bit

  • Lex

    True celtics fans love watching the green no matter who’s on the court.
    But honest celtics fans admit there is no comparison to watching the celtics with a healthy kg and without one.
    Only KG can make a meaningless game in January meaningful.

  • Classless

    My favorite player ever because of this.