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KG doesn’t like you lying about taking pictures

Via KG's Anta blog:

Friday we had the Jazz and you could see the guys focus today.  We got on them early and it was never a game.  I felt like I could've played another 2 halves.  Felt real good and felt like I could go through my rolladex of moves without any hesitation.  Flight to DC was quick and there were people on the plane that were donators, so the energy was a little lower. 

That reminds me.  One piece of advice, when you are visitors on a team plane, DO NOT TAKE PICTURES and then LIE ABOUT IT.  One of the guys started to video us and take pictures and then tried to lie about it.  Can you believe that?

Bastard!  Chuck… next time, don't lie about it.  Red's Army paid good money to smuggle you onto that plane.

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  • doop

    Geez…I feel bad for whoever did that. Pissing KG off is never good.

  • Classless

    Probably some tool who wanted to plaster his Facebook with private pics of the Celtics playing Dominos.

  • Hilarious. I wouldn’t want to be stuck on a plane with KG mad at me.