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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics fired away at will

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Utah.

(Deron) Williams said the (foul) calls instantly killed his rhythm, taking him out of a game that he was pumped to play in the hope that Utah would rediscover its “swagger.”

(CJ) Miles pointed out, though, that the Jazz allowed themselves to be mentally removed from the contest as fouls quickly piled up, which, in turn, allowed a machinelike Boston squad to fire away at will.

Salt Lake City Tribune

I tuned into this game late, so I'm unsure if the early foul calls were unfair. I don't believe the Jazz are blaming the officials, instead making the point that they lost their rhythm.

Since the Jazz bloggers slept in today… I decided to have some fun and pull comments from SLC Dunk.

Boston is a machine 

I love Boston’s court. Best in the NBA, in my opinion. 

He's (Tommy Heinsohn) such a homer that it turns into comedy.

Stop trying to prove something Al

Ray Allen is disgusting. That 3 and 1 was amazing.

How are you guys losing to the Celtics? They are OLD OLD OLD! All you have to do is run around the court and you can win easily right? I thought that was the plan.

Can you imagine how lethal this Celtics team would have been 5 years ago?

They're pretty lethal right now.

I want to turn it off but can't. Pretty sure Dr. Kevorkian is recording this now.

SLC Dunk – Game Thread

Great stuff… especially when you are on the winning side of a blowout.

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  • The Jazz did get screwed by the officiating! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, as usually it’s the Celtics who get screwed by the officials, but last nite was the total opposite..Those are the games that yeah, the W is nice, but personally, I’d rather see a FAIR game even if I lose..but I don’t ever expect that to happen in my lifetime with the NBA

  • Alex

    Uh what? I’m sorry but I have to say that the game was called rather fairly. You do realize Jazz is the SECOND in the league at getting fouls, right? Obviously these guys are addicted to handchecking the opponent every time they can and I saw a lot of that from their players.
    Their defense was poor which lead to stupid fouls being made.

  • greenbeand

    rondo was +29

  • Mileke

    Well I didnt see all of the game, just saw part of the third and fourth quarter, but if officiating is their excuse for their lackluster effort yesterday, feed that to the birds, With the ways we’ve had to beat teams and the officials, I no longer have sympathy for teams that loose because of officiating, including the Celtics, we always get tortured by officials and it was even a case last night in the fourth quarter against Quis, they were calling fouls on him left and right, and officials is just not a good enough reason to loose no more in the NBA, so I have no sympathy if that was the Case!

  • paul

    Opposing fans, it seems, don’t get it that the Celts aren’t just an old team. They are an old team that is adept at working younger players into the mix. Basically this Celtics team is doing what the 80s Celtics hoped to do with Len Bias; they are folding youngsters into the mix to extend their careers and become even more unbeatable.

  • Classless

    The officiating didn’t give the Jazz a fair shake. Deron Williams 2nd foul was a joke, which changed the course of the game. Gordon Heyward got mugged 3 times before he finally got a call. I guess the hack officials made up for it by calling a joke of a tech on Marquis later on.