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Arctic-cold Celtics blow it, lose to Wizards

Wall celebrates
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

This one looked like another C's blowout early in the game as they built up a 15 point first quarter lead.  But the Wizards won every quarter after that, and ultimately the game 85-83.

The C's dropped 35 points in the first quarter… but 27 points in the entire second half.  The Celtics missed 16 shots in the 4th quarter.  They made 5.  And of the 16 shots they missed, a lot of them were shots the C's typically make.  Ray Allen missed a dunk and a couple of WIDE open 3's.  Paul Pierce (who was in foul trouble all night) had an upfake-contact-shot play (the exact one that beat the Magic) that was not called a foul for some ungodly reason.  So nothing was happening at all on the offensive end for the C's.  They shot 68% after the 1st quarter, but finished shooting 43% for the game.

The Wizards, meanwhile, looked confused out there too.  The second half of this game was about as unwatchable as basketball gets.  The Wizards had 7 chances to take a lead in the 4th quarter and only did so on an end-of-the-shot-clock banked-in three by John Wall… who later had the audacity to toss gang signs (or something) to the crowd.  Tommy dropped a gem afterwards saying "if he played that to bank it in, I'll give him $1,000."

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  • Season-low 11 points in the 4th. They let the Wiz hang-around. Period. A more-rested C’s team comes out big in the 3rd and wins this in double-digits. One bright-spot: Semih had 11 boards and some nice hoops against a young, athletic Wiz frontcourt.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Ray missed that dunk and something in that moment told me it wasnt gonna be thier night. I thought Tommy was gonna kose it when Pierce didnt get the call late….”chicken —-“!
    Semih continues to surprise and frustrate all in the same game.
    Not a big deal though, as long as it’s just this game….if they start blowing leads on a regular basis, then i’d be worried.

  • trytryagain

    Lest we forget, Mr. Paul Pierce aka “Tha Studio Gangsta” attempted to get himself some street cred by throwing it up here:
    No word yet if area Crips were intimidated by this manly display.

  • my wife said John Wall looks just like another Kobe. She’s right, he’s a budding douchebag.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    That was pathetic and embarassing.
    Everybody played like crap: Rondo had one of his worst game ever, Semih is SLOW and SOFT, Ray missed the impossible and the bench was a joke. Doc got it out of control, too (hey, what about a TO before the last play???)
    We lost to the Wizards! The Wizards!!!!! It seemed to be on a time machine back to last year.

  • paul

    Are you kidding? Blowing leads is what this team is known for, and I think we can add that they usually to blow the next game after a blowout.

  • javagoogle

    Once again, skulking over, having something to share with the ‘class’ after a Celtics loss.
    It’s just one game; we’ll be back.
    So will you.
    All the way to #18.
    Now, back under your bridge!

  • trytryagain

    I won a $500 bet last year that banner 18 wouldn’t be hung last year. Double or nothing this year. Maybe then Pierce can help me turn that into some real money playing dice with the Bloods down on Crenshaw when he comes back to his LA home this summer!
    And I take offense to your words. I skipped over!!

  • ce

    Wizards got so lucky, letting a wanna be team like the Wizards beat the Celtics

  • KY Celts fan

    Ray had been shooting 70% from behind the arc for the month of January. It’s not surprising that he’s missed a bunch over the past three games. Eventually he had to balance back out.

  • paul

    On the good side, the Celts once again seem to have beaten themselves. So far this season, they are unbeaten in the sense that no one has beaten them. But that’s colder comfort each time it happens, that we beat ourselves. Sure, it’s easy to rationalize this loss, just as we’ve rationalized other embarrassing losses this season. The Celts were tired. Injuries continue to plague them. The Wizards got lucky at the end. They are a strong team at home, hard to beat. Well, and there’s the old standby; you can’t win them all! And hey, we still have the best record in the East.
    Listen, all that is fine if we just want to be a pretty good team. But if we want to be a championship team, as nearly everyone seems to claim, then the excuses just don’t work. I think the pattern with this Celtics team has become more and more clear. Defensively they are a strong team. They sometimes forget to play defense, but they can usually get back into it. Their more serious problem is mostly on offense. I’ve thought for a while that if our Celtics could just avoid those horrendous long droughts where they don’t score at all, or barely at all, for minutes on minutes, they would be an almost unbeatable team.
    Of course, every team has times when its offense doesn’t play well, but as we saw in game 7 last year against LA, what kills the Celts are those looooong stretches when the wheels come completely off their offense and they are virtually unable to score for long stretches at a time. One wonders how a team as strong as this one, with as many legendary scorers as this one has, can go so completely dead on offense! But somehow, they do.
    As I see it, the problem is this: the Celtics’ offense is predicated on lots of movement, lots of picks and screens, lots of passes, lots of assists, lots of unselfishness; it’s based on a LOT of work. Pierce, Garnett and Allen continue to be some of the most brilliant offensive players in the league, and guys like Big Baby, Shaq, Nate, Marquise are able to blend right in, when they put in the effort. And, as we all know, all this unselfish offensive activity wheels around Rondo, whose court vision, passing and command of the game are, at times, truly breathtaking. I mean, let’s face it, this kid is a very special talent, and when the team is moving and Rondo is on, we can truly fly.
    But as brilliant as our Big Three are, they are also old. No one likes to admit this, but they can’t do it on their own that well anymore. They are on the same decline that Shaq is, only Shaq is further along. Look at the way Shaq is: he can be a devastating force for us, if he is set up well, but he can’t make offense happen on his own like he once could. The same is true of the Big Three, only less obviously so. This is even true of Pierce, though he can still take over games for short stretches, which makes him our X Factor. And out of our young guys, the one closest to being able to make offense happen by himself is Rondo, and if Rondo ever develops a consistent j, World Watch Out!! But he and Big Baby and Nate, they have a ways to go before they can be the guys you go to to make stuff happen when nothing is working.
    The result has to be obvious to everyone by now. When the Celtics play ‘their’ offense, they are virtually unstoppable. But once they stop playing ‘their’ offense, they start to look old and tired and very beatable. And here’s the kicker: once they stop playing ‘their’ offense in a game, they almost never are able to get back into it. EVEN IF they bear down on defense, they cannot resurrect ‘their’ offense. And, depending on how far they fall away from their offense, and how much the opposing team turns up the defensive pressure, the results can range from a long hard struggle to try to win the game mostly on the back of our defense, to those deadly long offensive droughts we have all become all too familiar with, which often lose us games we should win.
    These are the kinds of losses that keep fans up at night and give the players long, miserable summers.
    I think the problem is that the qb of the offense, Rondo, just doesn’t have enough credibility with the Big Three and the rest of the team, enough to be able to get in their faces and demand an effort upgrade, the way Garnett can demand increased energy on the defensive end from his teamates, when the team is flat defensively. That’s why our defense seems to be able to get back on track when we are playing badly, but our offense seems to be unable to get back on track once it is off track. The offense is largely Rondo’s responsibility, and he needs to be able to get in people’s faces when they aren’t moving without the ball, setting screens, making sharp cuts, passing unselfishly, etc.. But his personality is not really inclined that way, I think, and I think his team-mates aren’t ready to defer to him.
    But one way or another, someone needs to become the offense’s Garnett. Ideally, it should be Rondo, but if Rondo can’t do it, someone else needs to step up. An offensive second half like the one we just endured against the Wizards really shouldn’t happen to a team this good, certainly not if it wants to win a championship.
    When we move on offense, we are dynamite. When we don’t, we turn into the Over the Hill Gang And The Kid Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

  • paul

    The thing is, this isn’t about Ray evening out. This is about the whole team going deader than a door nail.

  • greenbeand


  • javagoogle

    Not after you lose that bet and find yourself back here:
    On both counts.
    9 x 2,

  • TJames


  • Lee in Oregon

    dude, noboby is gonna read that 500 worder. I’m glad you’re a C’s fan, but even if you get your own page…get an editor.

  • Classless

    Yeah, John Wall seems like a young, budding daggot. Which makes me love Rondo so much more with his stoic attitude most of the time.
    That being said, there was a reason I was skipping this game (potential crap basketball, loss) and the next one (potential blowout, boring).

  • DRJ

    I believe you’re thinking of LAST YEAR’S TEAM… not this year’s.
    This was a weird… ok, EXTREMELY weird aberration. C’s forgot how to play. Ray turned into a Z-Leaguer, the whole team forgot how to drive to the hole, and their opponent somehow hit SEVERAL total prayer shots. Way it goes. It’s been rare so far, and I expect it to remain that way, this season.

  • DRJ

    But that dunk…. I actually broke out LAUGHING when it happened… spilled by drink and all. At that point, it was “UN-believable… this is THE most ridiculous game of the year…. they’re gonna lose. Yep, they’re gonna lose. They DESERVE to lose.”
    Anyway, it is what it is. Next.

  • DRJ

    Sorry… can’t buy that theory. The problem is not a weakness of character in Rondo, or even some supposed inability to communicate effectively to the other players. By ALL reports, RR is greatly respected. I’d say the OPPOSITE is true, if anything. It’s RONDO whose wheels typically fall off FIRST. HE is the reason the whole team goes into an offensive funk, in most cases. (Tho not so much tonight.)
    The guy who needs to STOP everything and MAKE SURE they get back into THEIR offensive game — lots of ball and body movement, attack the inside, get the EASY points — that guy is DOC.

  • DRJ

    Come on, Wall’s a kid and he just hit a RIDICULOUS 3-pointer. If he can’t celebrate, who can? I give him a pass, even if that shot was 99% luck, 1% skill (the skill involved in pushing the ball out of his hand in the general direction of the rim).

  • Goceltics

    Good Lord!

  • KY Celts fan

    Considering Wall’s terrible 3-PT%, those numbers are just about right.

  • Mileke

    Yea this game wasnt all on the C’s, the Wiz’s were hitting shots thats almost impossible to make, and our shots just wasnt falling, even when we drove to the lane, they were’nt falling, nor was the refs blowing for contact, Pierce and Rondo were in foul trouble the second half, and we just never had a rhythm the second half, Im totally not worried, I believe our 2nd unit was a little tired last night, which is the reason we lost the lead in the 2nd quarter anyway, but the good thing is, everybody tried last night, and at the end of the day, the Wizards were just hitting shots that had no business going in, but the C’s never once gave up last night, and I like that fact, the truth went to his sweet spot to end the game, but that was just the kind of night were having, the injuries was catching up to our 2nd unit last night, thats all it is, we are still 33-10, GO C’s!