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RedsArmy presents FanFriday #6 “FollowFriday Shoutouts”

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Due to this past week’s crappy weather and my being ridiculously busy at work, I don’t have a featured fan this week. So, in the spirit of Twitter’s “Follow Friday”, I’m going to shoutout some truly devoted C’s fans from all over the world.

I’m always amazed at how far and wide CelticNation reaches. This season alone I’ve met fans at the Garden from France, Japan and all over the USA. That dedicated fandom also is found all over the internet. And through Twitter and Facebook, I’ve had the chance to make some great friends and even meet some folks in person. So for this week’s FanFriday, I’m going to link to what I think are some great people and of course die-hard C’s fans. So check back next week for a new feature on a Celtics SuperFan. Click on each Twitter name to link (and follow if you’d like) to their Twitter page:

Andreas24x7 MsTripleDouble10 RedsArmyPapa Irish 

Sambot5K Australia’sFickWalker ShuttlesWorth3 

The Auerbach CeltsBigHeads MsKelly DDog330 

LarryLegend RukhshiiRondoReppingToronto 

12Killerrr C’sNation London LisaBabyLisa JesseDampolo 

CelticVMC Sana Beans Nita in Carolina 

6-4 IMPALA LindsayT34 The Sweetest Computer Snacks 

NBA Musings FL Celts Fan 

The Scotsman-ReturnToTheRafters

I know I probably forgot some folks, so apologies in advance. Enjoy some great tweets from some great fans! Until next week, see you at the Garden, and GO CELTICS!

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