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Paul Pierce’s “Bag of Tricks”



(video courtesy of NBA's official YouTube page)

Here's a sweet clip from NBAtv's "NBA Action" show. It features NBA players Nick Young, Carlos Boozer, Danilo Gallinari and more explaining just what makes The Truth so dangerous on the court.

The clip ends with a great super-slo-mo view of his stepback jumper that beat the Knicks in what has so far been the most exciting game this year. (in my opinion)

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  • Doop

    Nice find! Great video.

  • paul

    He’s so deceptive – the way he shrugs off Nate at the end of that Knicks play is classic – economy of movement, spectacular results, and a sense of humor even his victims can’t deny!

  • greenbeand

    he’s incredible at drawing contact and knows when/where on the court to use! but who’s the best player that matches up and defends him.. and no its not artest

  • Mike

    Artest, LeBron, Luol Deng and Andre Iguodala give him the most problems.

  • Agreed. I enjoyed watching this while chowing down my lunch. Just like Paul serves lunch to the league. Good stuff.

  • BigMck

    Gallinari looked scripted. Like a C-level comedian hired by VH1 to provide commentary for one of those decade recap shows.

  • greenbeand

    none of those players scares me- see the video of pierce fading away from amare for money? under-rated and lethal for 3

  • new england fan:

    Russel is the best celtics of all time, paul pierce (THE TRUTH) is the second best, than larry legend is in third place. i don’t care what anybody says.

  • BigMck

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion. It’s wrong (Bird way better than Pierce) … but it’s your opinion.

  • It’s very wrong, so much so that one ought not be entitled to it.
    No way Pierce is better than Bird. Not even close