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Could this be this year’s Celtics Anthem?


You tell me.  I kinda like it.  Very well done to the tune of Black & Yellow.

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  • jared

    Im all for anthems, but wow, that was like Kraft. The Cheesiest.

  • Eric P

    Jared, you’re out of your mind. This is really good! Awesome production, great remix…Does a good job of showing the lighter side of the team.

  • jake

    Cheesy my ass this song is dope. The garden would go nuts if this started playing when they introduced the players. This song needs to be bigger.

  • Dam! that shit is awesome and gets me pumped to watch the game

  • Sean

    damn, this is legit. jared, you 12 or something, have you heard black and yellow yet?? this is an awesome remix to it. sh*ts HOT! let’s get this in the garden!

  • Woody

    The only thing cheesy was that comment…this is off the chain. This Oliveira kid is doing big things with this beat. I can definitely see a pitch black Garden during pre-game and this beat kicking in and the video come up on the scoreboard and the place going nuts (players included) This song needs to be put in the right hands! Good work my man!

  • William

    Sweet remix and awesome selection of celtics clips… I would love to see that at the Garden!!

  • Shay

    This song and video is worlds better than the original song. It should definitely be played in the garden for the team to see!

  • Xander

    Man this guy keeps coming up with Gems. Best production and video editing yet w/behind the scenes footage. Anyone who says otherwise is simply clearly a Lakers/Heat fan. Keep ’em coming Oliviera.

  • Owen

    Awesome video and definitely the new Celtics anthem. This remix should be played at every game it doesn’t get much better than this.

  • jared

    Well I guess former 12 year Celtics season ticket holders are clearly Heat/Lakers fans.
    Nothing like stickin it out the ML Carr years game after game to be called a Lakers fan over a song opinion.
    And no, obviously im not 12, I just cant hack this weak new age rap shit. Give me old school shit like Gang Starr, or newer shit from the same school like AK and Lif.

  • Ang

    What a great remix! I love the behind the scene’s footage of the Celtics. This song would definitely have everyone on their feet in the Garden! Great job.


    This Oliveira kid spits hot fire!
    Jared is weak – Someone should bend him over and spank him with Shaq’s sneaker.

  • dan laurino

    just because you had/have season tickets does not necessarily qualify you as a diehard fan or even someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to the celtics..all it means is that you got moneyyyy. the real fans are in the balcony son

  • Eric P

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but calling someone’s work cheesy is, well, pretty cheesy. This is reppin’ Boston. You don’t like it, move on.
    Keep it up fellas, great work!

  • Kibs

    To Jared & his cheesy comment… Lay of the Kraft Mac & cheese lardo it’s clogging the creative part of your brain!
    This song is fire…. Sick production lyrics and flow. This should be the official C’s anthem for our run at the banner in 2011. Fil & Moises Doin big things!
    Kibs in the house!… : )

  • Jorge


  • Jorge

    After listening to this I will just Quote the great KG. “Im Excited, it’s like being in a Lamborghini donig 200 with your head stuck out the window” Now thats the truth! Go C’s!!!!

  • Brenda

    Is this available to download as MP3 so you can make it your ring tone?

  • J

    I think it is listed in the YouTube description…

  • Greg

    Hate to burst your bubbles. Not original. Everyone has remixed to this tune. But this one is better.

  • J

    LOL. This is a joke right? Obviously these all aren’t original. That’s why they call it a REMIX! Wow!
    Lando Magic…hahaha That made my day.

  • cemo

    Honestly…this is TIGHT dude! Fantastic lyrics and remix! Keep up the great work and give us more jams to rock out to please!!!
    @ Jared – stop hating like a loser. You know you couldn’t do better than Oliveira, so stop your hating on this song!…and Kraft Mac & Cheese! Both are super DOPE…so I guess that also means you should work on your insults punk because you actually gave a compliment! 😛
    Go C’s!!!

  • Woody

    Yea Greg that one with all the still shots is so much better, come on man get a clue….this video blows that weak one away, not even close

  • Jorge

    Ahhhh hahahah Wow… thats great. Yea orlando knows alot about championships… This one is better? DO you know anything about video editing? intelligent/ORIGINAL lyrics? Stay in florida that sports rich state of yours….

  • Johnny Cool

    Not sure who black and yellow is but this is well done. Production is top notch. Consider A White Lion or possibly REO Speed Wagon tune to remix next.


    Great verses lyrics!! Not much Ray Allen who’s been money all year but a terrific mix!

  • Kyle

    so sick. such a good follow up to their last video. the video’s even better. the lines are even better. if you don’t agree, even ask rondo you could get your balls took.

  • Kyle

    idk what is cheesy about it, you gotta be out of your mind. your jokes are the cheesiest.

  • Kyle

    that was quite possibly the worst remix ive heard of the song. terrible sound. the chorus blows. people can make remixes but oliveira put it together real well.
    lando magic – where fouling pierce on the game winning shot happens.

  • Very well done, unless you don’t a. like the celtics b. like this original song, I dont understand how you cant be a fan of this. This is also 100x better than the bears Blue and orange remix…

  • KristinaEllen

    Hot video.. nice remix boys

  • Greg

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Obviously Celtic fans will like their version, Magic fans will like their version, Laker fans will like their version, etc. etc. As for the video quality, at the end of the day, some people just have more time on their hands than others. Who cares about youtube video quality? My point was this song is getting played in terms of remakes.

  • LA Troll

    but ours is actually professionally made. we actually have real rappers on it (ie. snoop)
    thanks again boston. you guys make life worth living LOLOLOLOL

  • Chris9808

    LA, the thing about it is that these guys probably made this song/video on a $0 budget and they are actual fans. The kicker is that this is better…

  • Freddie Abuda

    not bad but dropkick murphy’s shipping up to boston is a better anthem

  • Mike

    It’s no Gino-in-the-4th (haha), but that’s no reason why this video can’t be a fan favorite… Let’s get this at the Garden! Nice work boys!

  • Shawna

    This is HOT

  • Lex

    this is deff an amzing song if i were to go to the game this song would deff amp me up! keep it up guys cause this is a true die hard Boston song!