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Your Morning Dump… Where Shaq had to do something


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“We were down [8] and I just felt like I had to do something — dive on the floor, knock people around, get the crowd involved,’’ O’Neal said. “I think I helped out a little bit.’’

“I thought Shaq was the difference in the game with his energy,’’ Rivers said. “Forget size. Size and energy. He won the game for us tonight. He did all the little things — crashed the glass, he was physical, he blocked shots.’’

But before last night, O’Neal was a crunch-time spectator, seeing fourth-quarter action in just 17 games and averaging a little more than four fourth-quarter minutes.

Last night, he was the spark the Celtics had been missing for three quarters. He scored 7 points in the fourth to go with three rebounds and two steals.

Globe – Celtics hack it in fourth

I despise efforts like the one we witnessed last night. They piss me off so much that I refuse to acknowledge any positives.

But I gotta commend Shaq…

There were a couple of loose-ball/rebounding sequences where Shaq gave maximum effort. I'm talking effort like we haven't seen from him in 5+ years. I swear he was… sprinting.

I don't want Shaq wasting performances like that in mid-January versus teams like the Pistons. He must save it for the playoffs because there aren't many of those games left in the tank.

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On Page 2, Jermaine O'Neal chooses rehab over surgery.

"We had a discussion at halftime, Jermaine, myself and our medical staff, and have decided that we are not doing surgery," Ainge said. "The surgery that we were considering, by the way, was just a cleaning out. There's not ligament or cartilage damage that was going to be prepared, it was a cleaning-out process. We decided against that, we'll take the next four weeks to do nothing but work to build up his glutes and quads, with the sole purpose of that. So he'll be rehabbing to build strength in his leg to get ready for the end of the season.

"Jermaine had a lot to do with the decision, and [team physician] Dr. [Brian] McKeon was fine with it. It's not an easy decision, and I think that Jermaine feels like he overdid it. He's got some bruising from the bone-on-bone he has in his knee. He just needs to let that calm down, then build up the strength in it."

ESPN Boston

Bone on bone? In the knee? I'm pretty sure rehab isn't going to help that.

Here's the good news – when Jermaine returns, Kendrick Perkins will be back. Even though Shaq is 38, JO will be dealing with bone-on-bone and Perk is playing with a new knee, the Celtics will have enough bodies at the 5 spot.

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  • Agreed, it was a completely frustrating game to watch… But I was glad to see that Shaq still has it in him to rally the troops when need be. I also thought Wafer did a good job coming in and providing a spark, especially since he isn’t getting consistent minutes.

  • DRJ

    Strong muscles in the leg can help stabilize a bad knee joint and protect it from more damage. The thinking is that various stresses on the leg can be borne by the muscles, instead of the joint (cartilage or bones). But like the main post says, it’s not very likely to help if there is NO cartilage left, in spots. All in all, it seems pretty unlikely that JO is going to contribute much going forward. But meanwhile, he gets his $12 million. Hope they have salary insurance on that guy!
    It was good to see the Cs come back and win a game where they hardly paid attention for all by the last few minutes. Last year, they would prob have lost it.

  • Definitely one of the harder games to watch and feel good about. Seemed like they couldn’t buy a rebound until the end. Gordon couldn’t miss during that stretch, each time the C’s got close he hit one.
    Shaq looked fantastic, love Doc, “Forget size… (well on second thought) Size and Energy”. You can’t forget size with Shaq. The bench played pretty hard, too. Overall I think Gary T put it best, you don’t want to let those games slip away especially with Miami down.

  • G4L

    Yeah.. the C’s play down to their competition I ABHOR IT.
    On another note I dont think its ever a wasted performance when Shaq or anyone else plays all out. I think they should play like that everygame, & not take the Rasheed Wallace approach. If shaq would of saved that effort for later in the year the C’s might have not won that game & who know what path that spirals into.

  • Shaq played very well and truly was the difference in this game, but the oldest guy on the court should not have to be the guy that sparks the Celtics with his energy. The big guy is 38 and his offensive boards and dives for loose balls are what fueled Boston to a comeback in the fourth, but had they just played with that energy the whole game, the Pistons would have collapsed early on and we would not have had to see Shaq putting his health on the line to spark a win against a mediocre team. The only other guy who showed energy out there prior to the fourth quarter was Shaq’s backup, Semih Erden, who had a team high plus/minus of +9 in just 17 minutes played. KG’s return was supposed to bring the energy back in Boston, and it did against Orlando. Last night, not so much.

  • jared

    Excited by Shaqs play, not a great effort overall last night…but at this point, wins are important, and noone got hurt, so ill try to keep the poor play in perspective.
    With JO, my question is, can the man play 5 solid minutes a night? If he can, wonderful.

  • Dude

    Marquis Daniels got hurt. Sprained ankle.