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It’s just like dancing to KG


Via ESPN Boston

"One thing about rhythm is, it's almost like, for y'all that can dance — and for y'all that cannot, don't worry about this — but it’s like being at the party and the record skips, and you've got to get back on beat," explained Garnett. "So, you know, the record skipped a bit, but I’m still at the party. I just have to find that groove again. For all of y'all who can’t dance, don’t take it personal." 

I'm not 100% sure what KG is talking about… but Chuck, as a world champion square dancer, might.  I'm sure there have been times in the backyard barn where a fiddle string broke and threw everything off. 

KG was off for a long time last night.  It was almost painful to watch how many shots he was missing.  But he found his groove… and hit the shots when it counted.  That's the difference between KG and whomever else is taking his spot when he's out.  KG can figure it out in time to come through in the clutch.  I'm not sure Glen Davis can be relied on to get himself out of a bad shooting night in time to save the team.  At least not yet anyway. 

So the next time you see Chuck, grab your straw hat, strap on some suspenders, and do-si-do… because it's really his most favorite thing to do in the world.

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  • paul

    Give Baby time. He has the will to learn and some excellent tutors.