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Your Morning Dump… Where injuries take a personal toll

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“Long term [I’m not scared] because of me personally, but it’s more because of my children (Jermaine, 4, and Asjia, 11),” O’Neal told “My daughter is in the fundamental league at her school. She asked me to take her to the gym twice [last] week, and I couldn’t. That’s hard. Her daddy is supposed to be Super Man. 

“I didn’t even know until [last Friday], my wife told me that my daughter was concerned. She was asking, ‘Are they going to have to open Daddy’s knee?’ Those are things where you’re not just living it — everybody around you is living it.”

CSNNE:  Celtics cope with mental challenges while injured

This is a good piece by Jess Camerato that shows how the injuries to Jermaine, Delonte and Perk take a toll on them and their families personally.  It's really interesting because we sometimes get on guys for their mental states but we don't understand that they go home and have another aspect to deal with.  

It's surprising, also, to read that Jermaine couldn't even take his daughter to the gym.  That's bad. 

You can also tell the tone is different with Delonte and Perk because they're coming off injuries and are weeks from returning.  Jermaine is contemplating potential-season ending… and in all reality… potentially career-ending surgery.  His tone is much more somber than the other guys. 

On Page 2:  The band's almost back together… and that's inspiring

While other clubs reconstruct themselves with trades, the Celtics are doing it with good health. To a man, every Celtic acknowledged Sunday’s practice was motivational because Perkins and Garnett were back, and the team was whole.

[…]“I saw a glimpse of [the team I want to see Sunday] in practice,’’ Rivers said. “It’s going to help our starters. It’s really going to help our best. To me, that’s where it’s going to help the most. The starters are the starters, they are going to be good regardless. When you can have [Davis] and Shaq with Nate and Delonte? That’s good for us. But I’m concerned because they have to learn to play together and they haven’t all year but they have enough time if they can come back quick enough.’’

Globe:  They're cookin' now

I get asked one question more than any other… and it has to do with adding a player should Jermaine O'Neal have season-ending surgery.  

First:  The C's have the maximum 15 players so someone would have to get cut… and I'm not sure the C's are looking to do that considering they just guaranteed the contracts of Von Wafer and Delonte West.  

Second:  The Celtics are getting Kendrick Perkins back in a couple of weeks.  Consider him a free-agent signing.  Pretend that he's a guy we picked up to replace Jermaine.

KG is back and looking good.  Perk is feeling good.  Delonte is shooting again.  That dramatically changes so much about the Celtics.  You have a starting center back in the fold.  You have a back-up point guard back in the fold.  Your emotional and defensive leader is back.  

I wouldn't worry about the C's making moves.  The only moves they need to make is getting healthy… which they are doing.

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  • Wait… if Jermaine is done for the year, the Celtics can’t use a veteran minimum deal to sign a replacement?

  • no. We’d have to cut someone.

  • Griffin

    Don’t they have a spot open, now that Avery is in the D league?

  • What are the chances the league would grant us a disabled player exemption?
    Disabled Player Exception: Allows a team that is over the cap to
    acquire a replacement for a disabled player who will be out for either
    the remainder of that season (for in-season injuries/deaths) or the next
    season (if the disability occurs during the offseason). The maximum
    salary of the replacement player is either 50% of the injured player's
    salary, or the average salary, whichever is less. This exception
    requires an NBA-designated doctor to verify the extent of the injury.

  • No, it’s not about the money, it’s about the roster spot.
    Teams get 15 roster spots in the NBA. If you have a full 15 man roster, which the Celtics do, then they have no spot for another person to sign regardless of injury or designation to the D-League. Those guys are all under contract.
    So whether the C’s have $5 or $5 million to spend… they can’t do a thing if they’ve got 15 players signed.

  • see the above reply

  • Damnit!

  • The Celtics team are in the hands of men no smarter than you or I, many of them incompetent boobs. I know this because I worked alongside them, gone bowling with them, watched them pass me over for promotions time and again. And I say… This stinks!

  • Dude

    Man, this truly sucks for J.O. Poor bastard has to end his career in one of the toughest ways.

  • So he has been a less effective Scot Pollard right? I know that sounds bad.