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Recap: Grand Theft Victory

Chuck - Red's Army January 19, 2011 Uncategorized 14 Comments on Recap: Grand Theft Victory


The Celtics didn't deserve this win. It was your vintage sleepwalk-for-46 minutes-and-flip-the-switch-with-2-minutes-left performance.

Rajon Rondo hauled in a key offensive rebound which ultimately led to Ray Allen's go-ahead jumper with 24 seconds remaining.

Props to Shaq for (12 points, 12 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 blocks) for playing with a ton of energy, especially in the 4th quarter.

Marquis Daniels twisted an ankle. According to Jess Camerato, Quis was limping around the lockerroom but expects to play Friday.

As for Jermaine O'Neal, he will NOT have surgery. JO will undergo 4 weeks of rehab to strengthen muscles around his knee, i.e. quads and glutes. According to Danny Ainge, there is no ligament damage. Any surgical procedure would have involved cleaning out the knee.

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  • mollysdaddy

    Can’t say enough how fun it was watching Shaq’s energy tonight. The floor is going to resemble the old parquet if he keeps diving for balls like that.

  • @JdotD

    Shaq’s best game as a Celtic. The difference between him scoring 12 and 25 points, to me, is minimal, he could easily have had that many if we looked for him as much as we did at Charlotte. It was his overall game today, TWELVE REBOUNDS… and the blocks were great too. First game I’ve really seen him seem genuinely bothered in for a long long time. Hopefully he keeps it iup.

  • Mileke

    -“Aint nothing like winning a game you had no business winning, to a team you had no business being down to” -CelticsBlog-
    -Very ugly win, but I’ll take it,
    -Lack of energy tonight, but you can still win?
    -convincingly too?
    -goes to show you that this year’s team is not going to let down this year,
    -They’re here to fight,
    -And they’ve only come this far by faith,
    -Keep holding strong, and we could be at full strength in 3 weeks,
    -Heard D.West is progressing faster than planned, and could be back before the All-Star break!
    -“So. What you gone do? Quit. Put your clothes on and go home? That aint the way we do things around here. We work.” -KG- and it was so proven today,
    -I love my C’s
    -Its all about #TeamCeltics!
    -We’re 32-9 now,
    -Who thought we would be here at the top of the Conference by 3 full games, without Perk, D.West, and JO….. in the middle of January, w/ the surging HEAT in our conference?
    -Thats why wins like this make me sooo happy!
    -Plus Rondo, and KG were missing for a few games,
    -We’re unbelievable,
    -GO C’s!
    -Have a good night C’s Fans!

  • Goceltics

    Remember last year when the Hawks gave us fits. So do the Pistons this year. Nice to see Shaq playing well. I was on Celtics Blog earlier and I heard a lot of folks saying to trade Nate. Trade Nate? Why?

  • Lee in Oregon

    I credit the bench for keeping them in it in both halves tonite. We’ve all said this several times but this is the kind of game they lost last year. Shaq was a monster again tonite. Hope Quisy isnt too bad..

  • Classless

    Because he’s a terrible backup PG who resembles Brandon Meriweather on the basketball court.

  • Classless

    This game is exhibit A of why I don’t bother watching half the games after January.

  • ShawnCVD

    Nate’s grade is incomplete. Should D West come back soon enough we’ll see the chemistry they have and if Nate can roll with him. If not he’s a $4 million dollar chip that can land us a serviceable wing???…IDK no point moving him IMHO

  • ShawnCVD

    I just enjoyed listening to Tommy and Mike. Their love fest for the big fella was both humorous and well deserved. Shaq’s best performance since the Pops!
    Also Truth gotta be the most efficient 20 points in the league playing wing.
    C’s on top of the East soon the League…the the World!

  • Goceltics

    Nate will prove you wrong. He is in a slump, So what, He is still a very serviceable player to this ball club. His time will come, and you will regret what you said about him:)

  • jared

    I think the folks on CelticsBlog have talked about trading every single Celtics player at some point every season. Pay it no mind. Nates going nowhere.

  • paul

    Exactly. They are looking to trade Big Baby every other day. I guess the bird in the bush always looks better or something. I think Nate is giving the Celtics what they expected. He plays with energy, and can really impact a game when he is on, but he is streaky.

  • paul

    There are two ways to look at a game like this. Yes, one of the things that separates champions from pretty good teams is that they find ways to pull out games like this one that they deserved to lose. The other side of the coin is that miserable efforts like this one tend to be replicated until an embarrassing loss snaps everyone out of it.

  • Mileke

    No reason to trade Nate, yea his offense hasnt been clicking, but thats cause he’s playing on the ball, when D.West comes back, and he gets off the ball, it will pay dividends, & Doc knows it too… His energy and defense will hold him till West get back, Nate is a very valuable personn to our persuit to banner #18! && Yesss it was our bench that kept us in this game, they’re the ones that brought energy back into the Garden at the end of the third, and our starters did a wonderful job closing this game out, but no, the C’s will not trade noone this year, b/c we havent gotten a taste for our full roster yet!