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Own Shaq’s 6XL jersey from Christmas Day


(pic courtesy of NBA.com)

While surfing the internet last night, I found some cool items up for bid over on NBA.com's auction page.

You can bid on the actual jerseys that the Celtics wore on Christmas Day in Orlando. I knew Shaq was big, but found out he actually wears a 6XL jersey while on the floor. The highest current bid is $895. Too rich for your blood? Don't worry, you can bid on Rondo's for just over $300. 

There's also some pretty nice non-Celtics stuff you can bid on too-including Kevin Love's autographed kicks, and an official NBA ball autographed by Blake Griffin. Check it all out here.

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  • @JdotD

    Damn, you could make a bedsheet from that jersey it’s so big.
    The Rondo one is only game issued, as in he was given it but never actually put it on (Shaq probably goes through about 5 jerseys a game the amount he sweats), which is why its so much cheaper. Ray Allen’s is currently over $1250!