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Jermaine’s decision delayed by weather

Via the Globe

Jermaine O'Neal went to New York yesterday to get a second opinion on his swollen left knee, but because of weather conditions in the Northeast, he hasn't made it back to Boston to discuss his options with Celtics president Danny Ainge and coach Doc Rivers.

O'Neal, who has missed 24 games because of issues with his surgically repaired left knee, was considering surgery. The decision hinged on how long the procedure would keep him off the floor and whether he'd be better of playing through the swelling.

If only there was a device that allows people to communicate while they are separated by long distances.  And imagine a crazy world where a person could use that device anywhere he might be.

Seriously guys… you can't freakin call each other?  

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  • BRADinLA

    I don’t know, it’s probably an issue they want to discuss in person. I don’t think Jermaine is just going to make a decision about this on his own. I’ll bet Danny, Doc, etc. are going to all sit down and make one final decision and doing it over the phone isn’t the best way.

  • A. Chaves

    It also requires them to compare images from a CT scan or an X-Ray that would help with the final conclusion, a cell phone or email might not capture the full image that Jermaine is hoping to show the Celtics. Think outside the fact of simple communication.

  • GranTur

    Pretty obvious JO is gonna do the surgery. I’d rather have Perkins over JO anyway, despite our offensive woes in the playoffs.
    KG, Ray, and Pierce have performed better offensively this season, so that will make up for it.
    Shaq and Perk can hold down the C position just fine.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Danny took a bet upon him, and lost it.
    I feel sorry for JO and his situation, but I think Danny and Doc were more than aware that the bet could turn that bad eventually..

  • Alex

    But the issue is the MLE being wasted away on Jermaine… We could have used that money for a serviceable backup C, just in case Shaq and Perkins get into foul trouble (which I definitely see happening).

  • CFH

    As disappointed as I am in Jermaine the Drain, he was the best available. There really wasn’t any other center out there to give the MLE to… except maybe Shaq.
    If the MLE hadn’t been used before Shaq signed, he would have insisted on getting it. We’d still be out the MLE.
    And I wonder if Jermaine getting the MLE gave Shaq something to rage against and contributed to his exceptional performance this year. “Yeah? They wanted Jermaine more than me? He’s the starter? I’ll show them who should be starting, who’s dependable, who can help the team most…”

  • DRJ

    And they stacked the team so that it could withstand the loss of one (non-KG) big without breaking stride.
    I would like to see them buy him out (assuming he’s done) and maybe save a bit of that MLEx2 $… though some argue that the player should keep it all because he can. My view is: if he’s getting money for nothing, he should TRY, at least, to balance the scales A LITTLE. (Note that his injury was sustained on another team, in case that matters.) Of course, the buyout helps in opening up that 15th spot too.