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Your Morning Dump… Where losing KG was no big deal

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"The game changes from a communication standpoint, to pick and roll . . . the game changes a lot," said guard Rajon Rondo. "He's definitely a low-post presence as well. We definitely miss him. I wanted him back a couple games ago, but he has to take care of his body and be conscious of the long run. The same thing he told me when I was down, just be smart and try to hold it down as much as possible until he gets back."

Rivers, in typical Rivers fashion, joked about how important Garnett is to the Celtics.

"Kevin's our . . . it's like losing your best defensive player, your best talker and your quarterback. Outside of that," quipped Rivers, "it's not that big a deal."

Celtics could have Garnett for rematch with Magic

We keep having these little debates every once in a while over who is the team's MVP.  Is it KG?  Is it Rondo?  Is it someone else? 

It always boils down to KG an Rondo, it seems… and honestly, you can make the case for each.  Unfortunately, we've seen the team run without both this year and the game changes in significant ways without each.  

Garnett's communication on the floor is probably the most important aspect of the game.  To have a player that can so affect his teammates' defense just by seeing what's going on and barking out orders behind them is special.  We're all taught to talk on defense, but all quarterbacks (to continue with Doc's analogy) are taught to read defenses and make adjustments.  But not everyone is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.  Not everyone on the court is Kevin Garnett… who sees everything and reads things before most other players do. 

So yeah… I agree with Doc.  Not having that around is really not a big deal. 

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On Page 2: Doc downplays tonight's game

"It's just a regular-season game," said Rivers. "There's history between us and all that stuff, so you always want to win. The game doesn't have real meaning, but guys get fired up, at least I hope ours do; I know the other teams do for sure.

"I like games like this, they're good for us. I don't think it shows us anything — we'll be playing hurt, if Kevin [Garnett] plays, and [Kendrick Perkins is] not back — that's why you can't overdo regular-season games because they don't have much meaning beyond that."

ESPN Boston: Celtics-Magic: Time to gauge progress

It'll be a good test to see how the team responds with KG back… but I gotta agree with Doc.  You can't put TOO much importance on this one game.  Without Perk, this is still not the matchup it would be in playoffs.  

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  • Nice…..!!!!!!!!!! Live chat?????

  • paul

    This is a huge game. Yes, each game is just one game, but these games make a big difference not only in how teams feel about each other, but in the final standings amongst top teams. Beat a top team and you’ve created a two game push down against them. That’s huge.
    Also, the statement one makes is important. Is anyone going to tell me that it didn’t mean a helluva lot in 1986 when we ruled LAL during the regular season?
    I’m not sure why Rivers is downplaying it. He must think that that is what his players need to hear today. We just cannot play this game of ‘not to worry, we’ll start winning when we are healthy’. We may never be healthy. IF we are champions, now is the time to win. THE ROAD TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP WILL NOT GET ANY EASIER NO MATTER WHAT.
    On the question of who is the Celtics’ quarterback; here again we need to take Rivers with a lot of salt. This team clearly has two quarterbacks, and several other leaders as well. Rivers’ greatest talent is probably his ability to facilitate all these guys getting along, but the ultimate key, I think, is that Garnett recognizes Rondo’s talent and role and seems to see his role on the team as – in part – to guide the younguns, and in Rondo’s case, that means to guide him as a leader. Let’s face it: this whole blending of veteran genius with up-and-coming talent thing that the Celts are doing (the brilliant and underappreciated story of the past several seasons and especially this season) depends on the way Allen, Pierce and Garnett (and now Shaq) are making a point of cultivating and helping the young guys. We need to think back to Lenny Bias and the way the Celts of old tried to work with him to get a sense of what is going on. It’s exciting stuff. It can give us a championship and more to come.
    But, right now, Garnett and Rondo appear to be dual leaders of this team. Pierce and Allen are also key leaders, and – in a way – everyone has a leadership role. Davis sees himself as the leader of the second unit, and so on. It’s a delicate mechanism and Rivers seems to understand that.
    What I’m glad to see is that Rondo seems to be taking a stronger vocal leadership role. The team needs that from him. He’s young enough that some may chafe, and there will be some wrinkles to work through, but we do need him in that role. It’s important that he seems to be embracing it.

  • mc $

    Although I might agree that the MVP is rondo or KG, what about pierce? I mean the guy has never been out for a long period of time since the big three came together, and he has been so consistent pretty much all the time. We havent seen how the Celts would play without the captain and i think we might not realize that he may be the most valuable piece to the celtics success.