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Recap: Pierce, KG seal Celtics win over Magic


Sure felt like a playoff game, huh?

Unlike their Christmas day loss to the Magic, the Celtics made the key plays down the stretch tonight to beat Orlando 109-106.

Paul Pierce took only one shot in the 4th quarter – a 19 footer with 38 seconds remaining. He drilled it, got fouled and made the free throw.

Twenty-three seconds later, Kevin Garnett (19 points, 8 rebounds) snagged a Jameer Nelson pass and the Magic were done.

Despite missing the last 9 games, I didn't see a touch of rust on Garnett.

Ray Allen had 13 of his team high 26 points in the final quarter. He was the hero… until Pierce and KG stole the spotlight.

Other observations:

Crisp 1st quarter. Celtics with 10 assists on 12 field goals. 60% shooting. Rondo with 6 of his 13 assists.

The Celtics 10 point lead evaporated quickly due to Ryan Anderson's red hot shooting. He drilled 4 straight 3s (14 first half points).

The 2nd quarter lasted forever. Could have been the dozen or so fouls called on the Celtics. About 5 of those were "questionable." Doc thought so too, he collected a technical.

Three point shooting: Orlando 11 – 27  | Boston 3 – 10

Loved the effort by Glen Davis. He was extremely effective (15 points, 4 rebounds) battling Howard and Brandon Bass.

Dwight Howard needs a mean streak. He laughs way too much, especially in close games. Moments after his 4th quarter "exchange" with KG, he was trying to joke around with Garnett. KG responded with a blank stare.

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  • Everyone’s crying “we got killed on the boards”. Well, it was 34-30 and keep this in mind: we only had 1 center. We were without Perk, J.O. and Semih. Granted, some better boxing-out and hustle may have helped, but it could’ve been worse. This was just textbook C’s. Rondo dished, Ray shot lights out when it really mattered, Pierce was clutch in the final minutes, and KG’s defense sealed the deal. Beauty. My only concern, what’s up with Nate?

  • Lee in Oregon

    Yeah. Couldnt help but think a semi-healthy Perk woulda kept Howard off the block better. As strong as baby is, Howard can shoot right over him. Great finish.
    Luke had a hard time out there tonite on defense. Love having Baby back coming off the bench though.
    Doc had Reggie Miller fired up tonite!

  • Mileke

    -GREAT Win, the thing that impresses me about the C’s this year, they want every bit of revenge this year……
    -They havent lost to no 1 team more than once this season!
    -KG looked good, besides a couple of shots he would normally make, he missed them in the 1st quarter,
    -but that rust rubbed off quickly,
    -also they went back to Nate handling the ball since Quis is bothered by a tweak in his lower back,
    thats why Nate didnt have that efficient game,
    -Rondo is still passing lay-ups that I would love for him to take,
    -cause all it does is send someone to the line and they go 1-2 from the line,
    -I highly dislike that,
    -other than that, almost perfect game,
    -of coursee we were playing the Magic and Refs!
    -We do have our 31st win of the SEASON,
    -and we are a full 2 games ahead of the heat
    GO C’s!

  • Indeed. Great win, could've had more stops on D though..

  • DRJ

    Nate should improve when Delonte returns. Seems when he’s asked to bring the ball up, it’s like poison to his whole game. If he doesn’t improve, he just won’t play much anymore.

  • Bigmck- exactly right, after they showed the close up on howard trying to joke with kg i said there is no way they lose this game. seriously how do you expect to be laughing and joking around one second and then literally 2 seconds later trying to guard kevin garnett, who’s so intense he probably hasnt laughed since he missed his first game due to injury.
    i can’t believe they made ryan anderson look as good as he did today, we got to clean that up.

  • CFH

    I wondered if Howard was trying to joke with KG as some sort of master plan. You know, annoy super-serious KG so much by smiling that KG would just have to punch him and get thrown out.
    Then I remembered that this is Howard.

  • I didn’t see so good, was that Jason Richardson or Vince Carter there in the 4th?