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KG feels good, wants to use Patriots as motivation

KG talked about his return to practice and more via his ANTA blog..

Today was a great day.  We had the starting 5 together at practice for the first time since game 6 of the finals.  The timing was a little off, but we definitely gave it to the 2nd unit.  Perk was out there, which was awesome.  I was pumped for him.  He was flying up and down the court and without a sub, he did well.  Diesel slipped on some ice and JO is trying to figure out what he can and can’t do.  

Felt pretty good today and we’ll see how I am for tomorrow’s big game against Orlando. 

Friday we won against Charlotte and Diesel showed glimpses of his old self.  He dominated the game and ran the floor well.  Only had 10 dressed, so everyone contributed and it was closer then it should’ve been.  Charlotte has new coaches and they have been playing really well.  Glad to see they had some fight in them.  They are a team that has good potential and they played hard the other night.  When we saw them in Charlotte, they had no fight. 

Weekend was slow and went as a team to the Patriots game.  They lost and the stadium was in shock.  Crazy that they were supposed to be the best team and now they  are out.  That is why I want our guys to see that we can’t take anything for granted and we need to play as if we could be eliminated.

Peace out.

I thought that the Celtics might try to use that Patriots loss as a bit of motivation… so I'm glad to see KG mentioning it.

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  • Alex

    What a disappointing loss for the Pats.
    I’m seriously thinking the Pats are going to be considered as a team that chokes during the playoffs from here on out (during the Brady era).

  • Mileke

    Yea they will use the PATS as a motivation, especially since they sat there and watched it, also they should use christmas day as motivation, the C’s have done a good job this year getting revenge, they havent lost to no one team more than once, they tend to BE better the 2nd game and more ready, so thats why I highly doubt the C’s would loose this game, even if they’re lives depended on it, BUT I hope this can be extra motivation to get to BANNER 18, not that we needed anymore anyway…. GO C’s!

  • NineSevenEight

    Pumped to be attending tonight’s game after last night’s debacle.