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Rondo to Shaq over… and over… and over.. again


The first alley oop is a 4-on-3 fast break that is perfect in its simplicity.

Paul staying in his lane on the right side… Ray is staying in his lane on the left.  Gerald Wallace has to worry about Ray… DJ Augestin has to worry about Pierce… and Bo Diaw is left to deal with Shaq and Rondo.  

As soon as Diaw commits to Rondo, the ball is up on the rim and Shaq just has to catch it.  

Fundamentally sound fast break leads to a spectacular play.  Guys running in straight lines instead of clogging things up.  It's so simple.

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  • @JdotD

    We need more of this. I really think that the main reason Shaq’s production has decline is that we haven’t been looking for him as much. Shaq is good for 15 points a game just catching alley oops and drive and dish passes from Rondo. His back to the basket game is limited now so why dont we just use him more like his. Especially with Rondo being injured, his production dipped, but catching lobs and dunking it on an open rim is Shaq’s bread and butter, all it needs is an aggressive Rondo, and for Doc to tell them both to look for it more.

  • jared


  • Jay

    If I where Dwight Howard I’d want to play with Rondo not in Los Angeles