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Rondo to Baby: Be like Ray

Baby shooting spurs
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It seems like Glen Davis has had a new role every year.  This year, he's become more of a jump shooter.  An since KG's injury, he's REALLY become a jump shooter… taking more shots than Ray Allen or Paul Pierce.

That's a product of more minutes and a complete lack of shyness when it comes to taking a shot.  He's averaging more assists than he has in the past… but he's still only at 1.3 a game.  So he's a bit of a black hole out there.  And this month, he's struggling a little.  So Rondo has some advice for him. 

"I tell him to keep shooting," Rondo said after Friday's win over Charlotte. "It just starts in the gym in practice. You're not just going to go out there and make shots if you haven't worked. So I always try to tell him to continue to do what he's been doing in the beginning of the season. He's always in the gym after practice and before practice getting up shots and in the beginning he was making those shots — not that he's not doing that now — but I used Ray as an example. I told him, when Ray's struggling he comes in — and he's the best shooter in the world — but he comes in and gets extra shots, so he leads by example. So I just try to give him a little advice and always offer encouraging words." 

If you've got Baby out there with Rondo, KG, Ray and Paul… well… Baby is gonna get some open shots because you just can't leave any of the Big 3 any room to work without getting burned.  You've got to stick to Rondo so he doesn't blow by you.  That leaves Baby with the most room to get decent shots off. 

His numbers are all a bit inflated since he's playing almost 31 minutes a game (his previous high was 21.5 in 2008-09).  So when you look at something like shots at the rim… he's up to 3.1 per game from 2.5 last year… that's a product of being on the floor a little more. 

But when you look at the rest of his shots (via… his shots from 16-23 feet have shot up from 1.0 per game last year to 4.9 this year (and he's shooting 38% from that range).  Some of that is due to increased playing time… but not all of it.  It's mostly a matter of that being what Glen Davis is now.  He's a 6'9", 290 pound jump shooter right now. 

And while I'm ok with Baby taking those shots when he's open… I do think he needs to let off the gas pedal just a little.  This month's struggles aside, he's shooting a decent percentage (45.8%, 50.6 true shooting%).  But Doc has said a few times now that Baby needs to get back to setting more picks and then getting his shot off those.  That will invariably lead him to the basket (and the line) a little more often.  

But if he's going to be this kind of player from now on, then Rondo's right.  Baby has to be more like Ray and almost obsessively hone his shot.  It's pretty obvious that Baby has done a ton of work to get to this point.  But now it's time to kick it up a notch. 

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  • I agree with doc, get your point in the paint off picks Baby.