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Perk Doing Some Pre-game Work

Last night at the TD Garden I got in early enough to watch Kendrick Perkins work on some basic big man drills with assistant coach Roy Rogers.  After Perk greets Celtic play-by-play man Mike Gorman, he does a few basic pick-and-roll drills, slamming home some baskets.  We also see Perk shooting free throws, flashing the low post, and backing down ghost defenders while working on a variety of post moves.

Perk shows off a little fade-away jumper on the baseline as well, while moving around very quickly.  Two things stuck out at me: 1) His lateral movement was pretty good as he is planting and pivoting relatively hard. 2) He is in phenomenal shape for someone who has been injured/rehabbing since last June.  Perk has definitely not been loafing around as evidenced by his svelte physique.  His return couldn't have come at a better time as Jermaine O'Neal might be getting surgery.

All in all he looked solid, here's some video of him:


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  • Great footage as always MrTD. I’ve seen Perk’s workouts myself a few times over the last month and agree that he is much leaner and brought his body-fat way down. Can’t wait to see him back out there Beasting.

  • Chuck you Loving this or what?????

  • matt

    lets get Anthony Randolph for a pickand L. Harangody/S. Erden (

  • wayne7779311

    …watching this footage of Perk, the entire rest of the league just saw their championship aspirations go pooof !!!
    I’m loving it.

  • I’d also like to take this time to apologize on behalf of MrTrpleDouble10 for having to listen to Mase during this clip.

  • Haha not a problem, it brings me back to my high school days. In fact my team might have shot around to this playing in the background as well.
    I know you’ve seen him several times out there early as well. He looks great.

  • DRJ

    Great stuff, absolutely great. With a healthy Perk back to near his 100%, and a healthy KG (coming soon), the Celtics will hardly feel the absence of JO. That was the plan all along…. to be able to withstand the loss of one big.