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From Boston to Kuwait, Celtic Fans Share their Feelings about Kobe and LeBron

One of the more entertaining aspects of going to a game for a lot of fans is the incessant madness that happens on the JumboTron.  It never ceases to amaze me at how crazy people act once they see themselves on it.  Some are funny, some are indifferent and some are just absurd.  Last night was "Seats for Soldiers" night at the Garden where season ticket holders could give up their seats for someone in the service.

Throughout the night, the Garden showed us live shots of soldiers watching the game while stationed in Kuwait.  During every game, the fans have 3 different fans to vote on as "fan of the game" based on how loudly they cheer when the 3 separate fans are nominated.  The fans that won last night were a couple wearing t-shirts, one read: 'I HATE LEBRON', while the other read: 'I HATE KOBE.'  This couple was shown on the JumboTron several times much to the delight of the Celtic fans.

Well, towards the end of the game when they showed us the soldiers in Kuwait, they held up a hilarious sign themselves.  Watch the video below to see what it said:


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  • Dave

    I can’t read it… what’s it say?

  • mescalnights

    what losers. instead of cheering their team on, they express who they hate. good job idiots.

  • UPS

    i think it says “We hate Kobe too”

  • javagoogle

    We really like that you and your ‘trollcrew’ show up here to ‘teach’ us manners. Regularly.
    Good job, wankers.

  • UPS is right, it reads: “We Hate Kobe 2”
    Tough to get a solid shot of details on the JumboTron at times.

  • CFH

    Thanks for the lesson in manners… without you it wouldn’t have occurred to me to call soldiers stationed overseas “losers” based on their sports-rooting preferences.

  • mescalnights

    awwwww are you gonna cry??? is the little baby gonna cry!?!?! bahahahahaha

  • lisa

    that’s my mom and dad ya-hoo

  • lisa

    MrTripleDouble10, those r my folks wonderin if u have a longer video