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Your Morning Dump… Where it started happening earlier than Danny thought

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"We knew our big guys would not play every game," Ainge, Boston's president of basketball operations, told in an interview earlier this month. "We needed a whole team of centers to get through the year, especially with Perk's condition. That's sort of panning out."

But even Ainge could not have anticipated the depth of this team at center, would be tested so mightily, so quickly.

"It started happening a little earlier than we hoped," he said.

CSNNE:  Celtics currently losing their veteran gamble 

I don't know if Sherrod Blakely is responsible for that headline or not… but I disagree with it either way.  

Yes, the Celtics have had injuries… but which of them are related to people being old?  Jermaine's is a wear-and-tear injury…. and Shaq has missed time due to age-related injuries.  

KG strained a calf… which can happen to anyone.  Perkins, who is young, is coming back from his ACL injury.  Semih Erden, who is young, has a bum shoulder and a groin pull.  Beyond the big men (the focus of the piece) Delonte, who is young, broke his wrist.  Rajon Rondo, who is young, has had a variety of injuries. The Celtics are certainly dealing with injuries and a couple of them do have to do with age…. but this is just a case of bad luck.

And, to top it off, how much are they really losing?  They had built up such a huge lead that they are STILL the top seed in the East even with playing .500 ball lately.  They're probably getting KG back on Monday and Delonte and Perk are a few weeks out.  In the meantime, Paul Pierce, an old vet brought back in the offseason, has been carrying this team.  Ray Allen, an old vet brought back in the offseason, has been carrying this team.  

I don't want to harp too much on the headline because it belies the tone of the piece, which is merely to say the C's are dealing with more injuries than they thought they would and it's changing a lot of plans out in Waltham.  But to the casual reader cruising through for headlines, that's one that sticks out and makes it seem like "oh, the old Celtics got bitten in the ass for relying too much on the ol' vets."  That's simply not REALLY the case.  Young and old have gotten hurt… and it's been the old guys who have kept the C's where they are until everyone gets healthy.

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On Page 2:  Nate is up to his old Twitter tricks with Shaq


That's Nate via his TwitVid account walking around the locker room with his size 11's inside Shaq's size 22 Timberland boots. 

We haven't seen these shenanigans since the season started… and this isn't as goofy as some of the other stuff these guys have done… but it's still fun to see them having fun out there.

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  • Mileke


  • Wow all those injuries and the Celtics are still winning. Maybe the Dallas Mavericks can take some notes.

  • Classless

    Still haven’t heard a valid explanation for the Jermaine O’Neal signing from Ainge. Fucking terrible.

  • A body to warm the bench until we sign Sheed next month.

  • paul

    Ainge did a great job this summer. But he can’t control the way injury has taken hold on this team. We have to recognize that this team, if it is to win a championship, will have to do it the way Russell teams did. It’s going to have to be through will and leadership. Pierce, Allen, Rondo, Garnett – these guys are going to have to step up as leaders even more than as players (but as players too – assuming Garnett does come back).

  • Plus the officiating not calling fouls when they happen against the C’s doesn’t help..opponents get more and more aggressive, and no player would be able to handle really needs to be addressed, as officiating is causing injuries.
    I wonder if it will be ok for someone to step on LeBrons ankle twice when he gets back, and no what happened with Rondo.

  • 1st: They can’t ALL be winners.
    2nd: It’s a matter of who’s available and what money you have available. Remember, this summer, teams like Minnesota raised the salary bar for big men to a ridiculous level. After the C’s hit priorities 1 & 2 (Pierce & Ray), they did what they could with the money they had left.
    All things considered, Jermaine at the mid-level wasn’t a horrible risk to take considering you get the mid-level every year if you’re over the cap and there weren’t many options out there.

  • Josh