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RedsArmy presents FanFriday #5: “The Kid w/all the Kicks”


I first met Drew W. from Brookline, Ma. outside the C's locker room in 2008. He was holding a pair of very large black and red Nike's. I said, "are you trying to get your kicks signed..?" He replied: "no-Jermaine just gave me his shoes from tonight's game." I was A) jealous and B) impressed. This was when J.O. was still with the Raptors.

Drew has been a die-hard Celtics fan for just about 20 years now. His favorite Celtic is definitely Jermaine O'Neal. Drew has been a huge fan of J.O.'s since his days in Indy. You see, if Drew likes a player's game, he sticks with them-Celtic or not. His support of J.O. over the years has been rewarded with some incredible memorabilia, including autographed jerseys, headbands, wristbands and every fan's true "Holy Grail", a pair of a player's game-used kicks.


Drew is always one of the first fans in the door at Celtics home (and road) games, and usually one of the last to leave. Drew's collection of autographs and autographed memorabilia was acquired through hours of waiting for players to finish warm-ups, meet with the media, or leave the arena. Drew was hit off by Jermaine this year with a sweet pair of his new Nike Air Max Closer IV's, which he signed for Drew, (man I'm jealous) along with his jersey-also signed. Goes to show that J.O. really is an unselfish dude and truly appreciates his fans:

Drew's dedication and Celtics fandom has also been rewarded by guys like Brian Scalabrine, Kendrick Perkins and Ray Allen. Any sneakerhead/Celtics fan knows that Ray Allen has by far the coolest kicks of all the players in the NBA. So we'll end this Fan Friday with a pic of Ray's Air Jordan Elements that he bestowed upon Drew after a game. Hope you enjoyed a look at some of Drew's collection and he truly is a Celtics SuperFan.


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  • Maybe it’s just me but I find it hard to believe Jermaine O’Neal is anyone’s absolute favorite basketball player.

  • Hmmm..I don’t. Different people like different players for different reasons. Maybe people forget how talented J.O. was during his Indy days because of his recent injury trouble. If you’re truly a “fan” of a player, you won’t stop liking them just because they get hurt. Just my opinion for what it’s worth it.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’ve followed JO’s whole career too, and the guy was a hell of a player in Indy. He spent his 1st 4 years with the Blazers’s up in Portland and barely got off the bench, mainly because Sheed was in his prime. JO even got a big tattoo on his shoulder one year, basically about how he was gonna blow up that year, which never happened until they traded him. He really doesnt have that many miles on when you consider he didnt play the 1st 4 years….add the injuries and a half-year lost to suspension, and you’ve got a guy whose knees are simply played out. Yes, he did play 70 games last year, albeit gingerly. I have nothing against the guy personally, I just don’t think he’s committed to this team, seems like he’s alreeady got one foot out the door with all his “retire as a Pacer” talk.
    Do we really want to wait for his battered knee to respond to surgery? Remember, he came to camp still hurting from last year. I feel the need….

  • DrewW,

    This is an awesome article about me J!! I’ve been a big JO fan my whole life, I’m not gonna stop liking him when he isnt playing well and he is struggling. If you recall the C’s four years ago, they werent the best team at all, but they turned it around. I believe JO can still come up big for us in the future.

  • Im one of the biggest JO fans my whole life. I have his shoes as a raptor and heat, but not as a celtic. I asked him twice this year and he said I should ask him after the game. How did u get his celtics shoes and rays shoes? Btw Rondo’s shoes are the best on the team

  • Rasheed Wallace and Jermaine O’neal are my favorite players

  • Thanks for all the great responses folks. It goes to show just how loyal fans are. I think the reason J.O. appreciates his fans so much is because of the ups & downs he’s been through.

  • EW

    Go Drew, a true fan.

  • Josh

    I’ve never done any kind of waiting after the games before. Do they allow you to wait outside the locker rooms? I thought players would usually mind their own business. How do you actually stop them and get them to give you their kicks?