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Jermaine O’Neal pondering the idea of surgery..

"Surgery could be a season-ending option for Jermaine O'Neal." This statement just came from WEEI's Sean Grande on Comcast's "Sports Tonight".

Multiple members of the Boston media, including our friend Jess Camerato, tweeted that Jermaine would prefer to "play through pain", than take another turn under the knife.

According to Jess, J.O. will "explore another option" over the weekend and make a decision on the surgery question this Tuesday. Hey Semih, are you ready? Stay tuned…

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  • Clayton

    Ugh. Such a horrible waste of 6 mil.

  • BRADinLA

    I have the need for Sheed.

  • CelticinSF

    I dont really want Sheed. But the need for Sheed maybe real. I cant believe that is even possible.

  • Alex

    There goes 6 million dollars down the drain…
    No wonder his nickname is The Drain at Basketbawful.

  • Classless

    good riddance. He didn’t add or take away anything…except 6.5 million.

  • Lee in Oregon

    13 million…’s a two year deal.
    The need for Sheed is real. Shaq is doing great but he’s old. Perk is back soon but at what level after major surgery? Semih is a rookie, and JO would rather retire as a Pacer.

  • ShawnCVD

    Time to get batshit insane again! Please keep himm away from the three point line Doc!

  • Banner18

    The Rockets just got an “exception” from NBA because Yao is out for the year. This will allow them to sign a “mid level exception” player. I don’t pretend to understand the details. Is there any chance the League will give the C’s a similar or smaller exception if JO is out for the year? I remember the League screwed the C’s after Reggie Lewis died.
    Are there any recently retired Bigs (like PJ was) who are more reliable and less of a pain in the ass than Sheed? He won us a game or two, but how many games did he lose by throwing up his low percentage 3’s instead of moving the ball, by not hitting the offensive glass, by not running the floor, by giving away points on T’s while pissing off the refs?