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C’s officially assign Bradley to Red Claws

Avery bradley 2 The C's just sent out this press release: 

BOSTON, MA – The Boston Celtics announced today that they have assigned guard Avery Bradley to the Maine Red Claws of the NBA Development League.  Bradley is the team’s first assignment to the Development League this season.

Bradley, a 6’2” guard, has appeared in 14 games for the Celtics this season averaging 1.1 points in 4.7 minutes per game.  The 19th overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft recorded a season-high four points and a steal against the Sacramento Kings on January 12.

The kid needs work and with Rondo healthy and Delonte coming back in a few weeks… might as well get it in Maine.  He's certainly got the skills, I think, to stick around in this league.  I don't know how good a player he'll become, but I think he can find a spot as a solid player and maybe a good back-up for Rondo in the coming years.

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  • BetaD

    Room for Sheed!

  • loscyfan

    Anybody know the scoop on those blue “FIT” warmup shirts we see on the Celtics and opposition every so often? Some sort of ineffectual attack on child obesity or something?

  • Dezi

    Sorry, but still no room for Sheed. AB is still considered in our 15 max roster.

  • Dezi

    Yep! It’s NBA FIT week and a part of the NBA Cares program. It’s promoting health and wellness program that encourages physical activity and healthy living for children and adults.

  • I’m in great shape round is a shape. don’t even need my fat man grabbing stick to grab the remote anymore. How a kid can’t be fit I will never know, unless they are special needs, prader willi, or something like that.
    enough with the fit stuff!

  • Danno

    My Brother has Prader Willi, and it’s a serious condition. It’s a form of birth defect not unlike Down Syndrome.
    Artie Lange is just a dumb, unfunny, fat piece of shit, junkie loser, and Howard Stern hasn’t been relevant to anyone but his gay Sirius fanboys in about a decade.
    Way to be a tasteless asshole, Jester00.

  • Danno,
    Tasteless a$$hole, way to be a typepad tough guy. If you take anything I say to heart you have issues pal. I joke trying to make people laugh if you were offended….. then screw you. You seem like a bright guy in you posts. Don’t make youself sound stupid by personally attacking me. 1. Your not smart enough. 2. I’d don’t want be arrested in some internet suicide thingy becauce I was wicked rough on you over the internet. 3. I was not attacking special needs or prader willi, I was stating kids and adults should be in shape. I can see you must be a kind, understanding, and non-judgemental person with your “GAY Sirius fanboys” statement. Enough of this crap GO CELTICS!!!!!!! sent from Ohio if your looking for me in my trailer (yes it is a doublewide)
    Jester00 Redsarmy Hall of Fame

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Avery Bradley can’t shoot, that’s the truth.
    Good luck anyway.

  • Alex

    You call him an internet tough guy but look who’s attempting to act tough.
    Hypocrisy at its finest, folks.

  • This won’t be the end of Avery Bradley, he is not one of those sub-par guys who get sent down and never return. Both he and Harangody looked very uncomfortable everytime they got on the court earlier this season. However, while Harangody’s gotten the hang of things, Bradley still looked very intimidated and was not playing his game when alongside NBA stars. He did not get drafted in the first round because he gets burned on defense and turns the ball over on offense… he got drafted because he is extremely quick, can knock down threes, and is an overall incredible athlete. The kid can throw it down like you wouldn’t believe, and this D-league stint is just so he can get some consistent minutes and get more comfortable. I look forward to someday seeing Bradley and Rondo running all over opposing defenses and making them look foolish. He’s still developing and we don’t need him right now with Delonte coming back, but Avery Bradley will eventually make a return.

  • Danno

    Some people don’t think making fun of handicapped people is very funny. You could have apologized. Instead you tell me I’m near suicide and not “smart enough”, even though your grammar skills are bested by 3rd graders. I learned the difference between your and you’re when I was 12. pity you didn’t.

  • thanks for the complement most people say i type like a first grader who just smoked crack (hope you don’t have another brother who is a 1st grade crackhead), so agian thank you. I have become bored with and the Celtics will be on soon. why you are at it write a letter to Damon Waynes, the farrelly brothers, johnny knoxville, and Sloth (goonies)great flick by the way. I though the artie Lange story was in poor taste yes, but funny. What ever Let’s drink and GO CELTICS!!!!!!!

  • banner18

    Hi I have a question. Tiny Gallon is a Celtic currently playing with the Red Claws. If the C’s bring him up, do they have to cut someone from the 15 man roster, or does Gallon just replace Avery? (I’d rather bring up Sims, but he’s a free agent and I know they’d need to make room for him)

  • Classless

    I’m not sure how a guy who was the #1 ranked high school prospect (ahead of John Wall) has fallen like Bradley has. Probably because he’s all athlete and no basketball player. Oh well, its not like he’s playing for this team in the next 2 years.

  • Dezi

    No, we’d still have to cut someone. Gallon was only invited to the training camp but was released at the end of it and that’s when the Red Claws picked him up. I think we’d all like to see a little change up especially with the J.O situation. I know J.O.’s probably frustrated, but if J.O. would just put his health first and his pride aside and retire early that would be our free spot right there.

  • DRJ

    I don’t think Jester intended to make fun of handicapped people. He was “jesting”, per his name, and I chuckled when I read it. (I laughed harder when he said “if you were offended….. then screw you” — because I was set up to expect an apology. Silly me! lol)
    I think both of you are good guys. And this is a tempest in a teacup…. or something like that. I.e., much ado about nada. I.e., “can’t…can’t… uhhhh… can’t we all get…. get…. get…. get….uhhh……. get along??”
    (That last is NOT an attempt to make fun of a handicapped person! 🙂

  • DRJ Thank you that was my point by the way, your comments were HILARIOUS!!!!

  • thetitleisours

    well at least Ainge keeps pulling out surprises in the second round of the draft