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Your Morning Dump… Where everyone is frustrated with Jermaine’s knee

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Coach Doc Rivers said he didn’t know whether O’Neal would ultimately require surgery.

“I’m concerned,’’ Rivers said. “I think he’s gone two weeks and a practice and his knee swells up. First of all, it has to be extremely frustrating for him. He worked his butt off to get back and he was playing well.

“Secondly, we all have common sense. That’s a concern, ‘Why is this happening?’ And so we have to figure that out.’’

Having shut down O’Neal once already, Rivers didn’t seem as though he wanted to do it again.

“We’ve done that and we thought we were good, and it happened again,’’ Rivers said. “I don’t know. I don’t have any answers. I just know this has to be frustrating.’’

Globe – Jermaine must take a seat

There's something going on in Jermaine O'Neal's knee that isn't right. And it doesn't appear as though anyone on the Celtics medical/training staff has a clear cut answer.

Let's play the hypothetical game. What if Jermaine can't go the rest of the season? Do the Celtics have enough bigs? Perk and Shaq should be able to manage the center position despite their combined durability issues. KG and Glen Davis are relatively solid at the power forward.

Semih Erden is a capable backup… in the regular season. He played well last night, but would you trust him in a big game? The answer is no.

If I was Danny Ainge, I would pursue another big body if the expiration date is up on Jermaine's knee. And I'm refusing to mention you-know-who in this post. There's got to be another option.

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On Page 2, Paul Pierce… the stand up guy.

Back in the Rick Pitino era, the coach had taken a particularly long time getting to the interview room after a bad loss, of which there were many. Most of the Celtics had taken the cue to dress quickly and get out of Dodge, so when the media finally made it to the locker room, things were fairly barren.

A young Paul Pierce [stats] was at the threshold of the inner room heading out when he turned and saw what was happening.

“Somebody’s got to answer for this,” he said.

So the man who would one day be captain reversed course and stood in front of the cameras, microphones and pens.

The Celtics didn’t skip the room after Monday’s ugly loss to Houston, but there was Pierce for the early postgame rush, standing grim-faced and taking the inquisitive heat.

There are many brilliant numbers that will accompany Pierce into the Hall of Fame one day, but there is, perhaps unfairly, no corresponding statistic for the fact he is a stand-up guy.

Herald – Pierce lets game do talking

Great story from Steve Bulpett. Pierce was a bit of a wildcard early in his career, but this shows he had the makings of a true leader, a role he's embraced the last several years.

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  • paul

    Pierce’s standup approach is more and more impressive. Pay attention to this, Rondo.

  • Orb

    I’ll feel a lot better about Semih in the playoffs if he has another half season of 20 minutes per game under his belt. His hands aren’t going to get any bigger, but I don’t see JO getting any tougher either. I mean, I don’t see JO’s knee getting any better…

  • MikeinNYC

    JO may have the same thing that Kobe does, bone on bone. He did come out of highschool and has a ton of miles. he’s done. Do we need another big? Orlando is now playing small with only Howard. Lakers, who by SUCK, have been mostly beat by speed. I think.

  • CFH

    Dear JO,
    Please have the grace to retire since you aren’t going to play and you’re completely untradeable

  • Stan

    Quote from this article
    “The Lakers rank 21st in shooting percentage and fifth in offensive rebounding while still ranking 10th defensively. Essentially, if you keep them from cleaning the offensive glass, you can beat them — handily.”
    If we are to win a title, we’re gonna need all the big men we have. Points in the paint > jump shots. Whoever controls the rebounds wins the game.
    On the argument of J.O, the C’s already knew what they were getting when they took him from the bargain bin.
    On the issue of another big man, I don’t see who else is available because the Heat already took the bottom guy(Dampier) out of the bargain bin. Unless Kevin Love miraculously comes over….nah. We’ll just have to see what Ainge the Wizard does next.

  • KY Celts fan

    If you need to clean defensive boards, Celtics will have a tough time beating the Lakers. With the exception of KG, none of our bigs can rebound.

  • FSantos33

    JO is DONE! BYE.
    Ainge failed once again: Mikki, POB, Starbury…. get my point.
    Yes JO, what CFH said above.
    Need some help moving tweet me. CFH and I will be right over ASAP.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Cue the Sheed speculation. If JO is done there is no doubt that Sheed is in green by March, and honestly I think he is the best available big out there. The guy can 1 on 1 guard any big in the post I could care less about the 3s its all about his defense, he won’t be leaned on like he was last year. KG is more productive, Perk will be back and we have Shaq and Semih. Sheed can come in to defend the hell out of dwight and/or Pau Gasol. Thats all that matters in my book.

  • Lakerhater

    Can’t believe I’m saying it but if JO is my other choice, I got…gulp…the need for sheed.

  • Ferris


  • Goceltics

    We want Sheed! We want Sheed!

  • Lee in Oregon

    DAMMIT JO! Just tape that thing up and get out there. You have a chance to get a ring for God’s sake…..then u can sign your 1 day deal and fullfill your dream of retiring as a Pacer.
    I still reside in the “Sheed” camp.

  • Lee in Oregon

    ps…..turns out the guy to get was McDyess. He’s still going strong while Sheed is retired and JO is…..well, JO.

  • javagoogle

    * Poseidon in Clash of the Titans *
    Release! the Sheed.

  • JD

    “Ainge failed once again”
    Sorry, but not every free agent signing is going to work out perfectly. And the court is still out on JO, give it until the end of the season, especially for such a talented player.

  • We don’t need Sheed throwing up three pointers anymore because when the second unit it on the floor, we have Von Wafer and Nate Robinson to do that. Once Perk is back the combo of him, Shaq, and Semih, who usually brings more energy to the floor than anyone other than KG, will be all we need at the five spot. All these guys use their size and control the paint much more than Rasheed does, and the Celtics need to be strong in the paint if they want to make another championship run. There’s no need for ‘Sheed.

  • jared

    I say shut JO down until the playoffs. We arent getting anything from him in the RS, and to be frank, his body language sucks. Im getting fed up with him, and seeing Semih take his minutes last night was a nice change of pace. Oh yeah, and we won.
    Use him in the playoffs, but expect his knee to blow out at that point and to be unusable forever.
    In the end, if theres anyone I blame for this signing, its the Celtics medical staff. He should have never gotten past the examination table. The Celtics clearly need to rethink their eval. procedures.

  • Benjamin

    Samuel Dalembert looked pretty good last night, he doesnt belong on a team like the Kings. He could help solidify post defense if JO is a continuous bust. Sheed would be welcomed back in a much more limited role, third big man off the bench behind big baby and shaq once Perk is back. He can’t hurt you as much there. But if he was out of shape last year and he played the whole time, i am afraid to see him come out of retirement.