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Rondo’s full-sprint HORSE shot


I just don't understand how he can do this.  Full sprint… past two guys… scoop shot kisses off the backboard and in. 

The amount of body control necessary for that is insane.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Not only is it insane, but isn’t it the second game in a row where’s done this? Like capturing lightning in a bottle.

  • paul

    Rondo makes more plays that you feel like you’d never see anyone else make than anyone.
    But he needs to step up, as the leader of the offense, like Pierce does, verbally, and in his play. No more ‘gee, I put up a nice stat line, can’t imagine why we lost’ stuff from him.

  • misel

    looks almost the same thing he did against the rockets, only he went on the right side, off the glass.

  • Chris

    awesome play. in other news, blake griffin takes out the heat…celts slide back up to first!

  • It is. I was sitting in the stands and I said to my friend: “is he gonna do it again?!” And sure enough he did. It’s amazing how fast he is. It seems like he takes 3 steps and he’s at the other end..

  • greenbeand

    and 1

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Maybe he should finger-roll from the freethrow line? Couldn’t hurt.

  • Stumptown Bud

    Anyone else noticing the slight herky-jerkiness in Rondo’s running? Ever since he came back from his ankle injury, and I’m basing this mostly off of video clips due to the Celts absence from national tv of late, I detect a lack of smoothness when he runs.
    I think his plantar fascitis is hindering him, or maybe its the ankle, or maybe a combination of the two. Not so significant that he can’t do some really great stuff on court, but probably keeping him from playing his best. But just having his eyes on the court is a huge benefit for the Celts.