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Recap: The Kings never had a chance

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It was refreshing to watch the Celtics manhandle a bad team.

While the lead was just 8 points at half, I was 99% sure the Kings weren't going to hang around. And that became obvious with the 33-18 3rd quarter.

Paul Pierce (25 points, 10-14 FG, 6 rebounds, 4 steals in 25 minutes) played aggressive from the start. He repeatedly attacked the rim for buckets.

We haven't seen much of Semih Erden, but he logged a team high 33 minutes and delivered 10 points and 8 rebounds.

The bench was superb. Nate Robinson with 16 points, Marquis and Von Wafer had 12 each. Von continues to look more comfortable with each passing game.

Rajon Rondo had 10 points, 13 assists. His coast-to-coast scoop shot to beat the halftime buzzer was unbelievable.

The Kings didn't contest much tonight. The Celtics shot 52% FG, 60% 3 FG with 29 assists.

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  • Great game all around. The Kings’ starters hardly played any defense at all, as Pierce demonstrated with a ton of easy buckets from inside the paint, and Sacramento’s second unit could not really guard anybody on Boston’s bench. The Celtics’ bench is capable of big offensive nights like this, especially when the opposing bench has little interest in playing defense. So glad to see Erden getting some minutes again even if it was only because J.O. was injured… Semih brings so much energy to a team that has had nearly none in the paint ever since KG got injured. This was supposed to be a relatively easy win… nevertheless this game should silence some of the critics who were saying Boston needs a roster change.

  • paul

    You know how pollyanna types say after a bad loss, “just one game”? That’s what I’m saying after this one.
    This wasn’t a great game. It’s what we SHOULD be doing against weak teams.

  • It’s what the C’s SHOULD be doing, but haven’t been ever since Garnett got injured. This game was refreshing because they blew out an inferior team the way they’re supposed to, instead of playing sloppy basketball and getting crushed on the boards like they did against Houston and Chicago. And it really was a pretty great game for them, considering everyone played so well. Pierce driving in and dropping 25 points, Rondo picking up the double-double, Ray shooting 4/5 from deep, and Semih Erden and the rest of Boston’s bench manhandling Sacramento’s second unit… this game, as well as KG’s upcoming return, should help silence some of the critics who thought the Celtics needed to change up their roster or re-sign a retired Rasheed Wallace to make a playoff run.

  • Mileke

    C’s looked good today, and nobody logged 30mins today but Semih, i say thats production, BENCH also had 56points!

  • greenbeand

    lobster claws could have won

  • Goceltics

    Nice win for the C`s. If you got league pass you might want to tune into the Miami game. Clippers are spanking them. What a joy.

  • Stan

    Second. Our starters have been really sloppy of late, and hopefully this win will give them the confidence they need to keep winning down the home games stretch. Marquis has been the biggest spark off the bench thus far, and I really hope the bench keep it up. If we’re going to win big games for the Playoffs, we’re gonna need the bench.

  • lkk25

    so far its been a good night! the Celtics won and the Bulls, Magic and so far the heat are losing!! and yes that first quarter was a thing of magic with the clippers dropping 44 on the heat!!

  • Lee back in Oregon

    I agree with Stan, sloppy first half…..some of Doc’s looks tonite will attest to that. Pierce came out strong though. The good news is they woke up in the 2nd and beat up on one of the worst teams in the league (playing without their best player).
    Fun watching Semih but I dont think he can be fully trusted once the post-season begins. He has good hands but doesnt always know what to do once he catches it. He was certainly into it tonite though and made some nice plays.

  • Just in from the Garden. Shaky 1st half other than Paul. He exploded out of the gate in the 1st quarter. I have no complaints tonight other than Semih. Listen, I love Semih, but the guy has 5 thumbs on each hand I think. He really needs to hit the weights & get stronger too. Guys just constantly either take the ball from him or slap it out of his hands. I actually watched tonight as Tommy sat with Semih for about 30 minutes pregame going over how he needs to hold the ball in his hands. Ok, there’s my 1 complaint.

  • greenbeand

    good post! +1

  • Goceltics

    Home Court advantage in the playoffs. Lets go

  • Orb

    They showed some of that on the Comcast pre-game. Mike wondered out loud how much Semih understood what Tommy was telling him.