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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc Rivers blasts the Celtics starters

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

After letting the Rockets shoot 52.7 percent, Rivers said, "I told our guys I thought overall it was probably our worst defensive effort in three, four years as far as overall effort … That’s a mental mindset and it starts with me. I’ve got to somehow figure out a way of getting them to see the urgency of the whole season and not the single game.

"To me, you can see them thinking about the individual game and not the ramifications of the entire season. Playing Game 7 on the road, not just in the Finals if you make it there, but in the playoffs. In the East, which is going to be difficult. This year’s not like last year where you can coast. You don’t have home court this year, you could go home.”


Has Rasheed Wallace infiltrated this team? The Celtics have returned to their frustrating old regular season ways.

I'll be the first one to defer criticism by pointing out the major injuries, but there's no excuse for the lack of effort and urgency.

I was convinced this team was different than last year. I was convinced they'd go full throttle all year long. Their record since Christmas is 5-5.

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On Page 2, Ray Allen's sore shoulder.

Celtics guard Ray Allen admitted to soreness in his left shoulder and left side after stepping into a blindside fourth-quarter screen set by Houston's Jared Jeffries, but was waiting until morning to see how much pain lingered from the incident that briefly chased him from Monday's game.

Allen was defending ball-handler Courtney Lee on the left wing when Jeffries approached and set a pick that Allen couldn't avoid as he turned to chase Lee on a drive. Allen crumpled to the floor and soon departed the game, getting a brief examination from trainer Ed Lacerte before returning after five minutes on the bench.

Allen hit a 3-pointer with little more than two minutes to go, the final of his team-high 19 points on the night, but figured adrenaline was propelling him at that point.

"I just took a hard hit and kind of collapsed on [the left] side," said Allen. "I’m sore. I’ll see how it feels [Tuesday]."

Asked what hurts, Allen said, "My shoulder, but kind of my side. You get so much adrenaline running that you don’t really feel it. Once I got in the [locker room], it got sore."

ESPN Boston

Ray went on to say that he doesn't think he'll miss Wednesday's game vs Sacramento.

You can debate whether the screen was illegal (Doc thought it was). I just never know when a screen is legal or not. There is zero consistency amongy officials regarding this rule.

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  • steveb

    Jeffries ran into Ray as much as Ray ran into him. Looked like a clear illegal screen to me. You are right, no consistency in those calls at all. Perk is called all the time for slight movement and this guy is moving at Ray and no call. As Tommy would say “give me a break”.

  • paul

    It’s good to see Doc and Paul Pierce talking forthrightly about how unacceptable it is for a team that claims to have its mind set on “18” blowing games over and over again against teams they should beat. In particular, it’s time to start calling out Rondo. This is the guy who supposedly is the best point guard on the league, the ‘coach on the floor’, the guy who sets the offense. Whose fault is it when the offense becomes stagnant? Why is he so obsessed with his own stats? How can a player lead who seems to worry about how many assists he gets?

  • Zero consistency on foul calls, absolutely.
    I didn’t think Doc was overly hard on the starters, in other words they were there, saw what happened and shouldn’t be surprised. The bench did as much as they could. I like his point about the starters helping the bench when players are down, it’s one I hadn’t considered. It also explains the philosophy he often uses when he keeps the 2nd unit together when a starter goes down rather than bumping one up to the front line. There is a lot of pressure on the 2nd unit with guys coming in and out of the rotation and ‘losing’ a 2nd unit player to the starting rotation has an effect.
    Tough game to watch, but hope it’s just a wake up. No injury excuses or ‘night after back to back’, just a whupping. Moving forward…