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Stephen A: Sheed wants to come back to C’s

Sheed smiling

Via Slam: 

“[Stephen A.] Smith said that the Celtics counter the Heat’s athleticism with ‘brute size’ and Rasheed Wallace will come out of retirement to come back to the Celtics. Smith said Wallace told him that’s the plan, because he wants another shot at the Lakers in the NBA Finals.”


The C's already have size coming to the team.  His name is Kendrick Perkins.  Then you have Shaq and Jermaine.  Adding Sheed puts a huge limit on minutes that can only be solved if Perk is not really healthy… or if Baby just sits against Miami.   And I don't see either happening.  

Furthermore… the C's have a full roster of 15.  I don't know who they're going to give up on to bring Sheed back.  

The worst thing is this will just fuel more "bring Sheed back" talk.  If he was out of shape while playing for the C's last season… what kind of shape will he be in when he comes back from NOT being forced to practice?  And what good is his size going to be if he's just taking ill-advised 3's? 

Sorry.. I'm not buying it.  I don't think Sheed is back in Boston this year. 

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  • Chris

    Sheed can join the team but will only be used in special situations like jumping on Dwight Howard’s back and kicking Bynum’s knee. Just kidding of course.

  • mollysdaddy

    When is the last time Smith had anything concrete to talk about?

  • zauer

    With all this talk about himj being out of shape, he stepped up in polay offs and defended howard and gasol nearly as well as Perk does. He clearly is guy who performs well in big games and u have to admit he gave all he had. If i have to pick between him and JO i’m going with big man proven to play big rather then with one proven to fail. Again, they wont sing him if he waights 300 pounds now. I believe Danny will make right decision and i’m encuraged by these news

  • ben

    Great news! The Need for Sheed! Sheed come back! Seriously though, he would be huge help, plays defence, can shoot better than baby, can rebound better than baby, would be GREAT!

  • javagoogle

    The thought of unleashing a Perk-Sheed-Shaq-and-JO tandem blitz on Howard and GaLlama makes me need diapers.
    Sheed STILL has a SOLID low-post game. When he goes there.
    Solution: Fit him with a bracelet that ‘tazes’ him a little bit if he lingers on the 3point arc too long…
    Like zauer, I trust Danny and Doc to figure it out properly.

  • Danno

    Avery Bradly can be cut.
    Dude has sucked every single second he’s been on the floor anyway.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    C’s locker room will finally turn into a “Grumpy old men” remake set..

  • Moose

    Did everyone forget that Doc basically just said that Jermaine is playing on one leg and that earlier this season everyone was praising Semih’s ability to play even though he needed shoulder surgery pretty badly?

  • Joe A

    How exactly does the D-League work? Can you send guys down to free up roster space? If so, the C’s have 3 guys that could benefit from the D-League, (Luke, Avery, Semih.) I’m not against bringing Sheed back because for one, he redeemed himself during the playoff run last year, and two, Jermaine is always hurt. We can’t count on him being healthy for the playoffs. If Sheed is in good enough shape, I say bring him back after the all-star break, PJ Brown style.

  • keith

    I dont know guys, How many Rookie PG;s have helped the c’s in the past, maybe sitting Avery to make room will make sence, its not like KG Perk and Oneal are locks at being 100% by playoffs. Then ur depending on harongody, Davis And Semih as your bigs

  • Look at how much the Celtics have suffered without KG, as they have come to rely on jump shots from Big Baby Davis as their primary source for offense. As mentioned, Boston has plenty of size with the O’Neals, KG, Perkins, Davis, Harangody, and Erden, and adding some extra size with Rasheed Wallace just won’t make this team any better. Especially since this is size that is going to be hovering around the three point line instead of making his presence felt in the paint. Erden brings ten times more energy than Sheed to the floor every time he gets on the court, and was absolutely helping the C’s win big games before he was sidelined when Jermaine came back from injury. Also, sending their #1 draft pick Avery Bradley to the D-league because won’t do Avery or the Celtics any good as this guy will eventually be a great asset to this team once he gets comfortable playing in the NBA. Harangody wasn’t doing much either at first, but look how well he played against Toronto the other night as soon as he finally felt comfortable playing alongside NBA stars. Sheed was big for Boston in the playoffs last year, but not quite big enough, and if he really wanted to help the Celtics to another chmapionship then he should have been showing up and working hard with them in the offseason when everyone else had to.

  • CFH

    If the Celtics send the rookies to the D-League, the rookies still count against the 15-man roster.
    The only way Sheed can have one of those roster spots is if the remaining years on Avery’s (or whomever’s) are bought out, or if Avery (or whoever) is traded for nothing (a protected pick). And while I’m sure the C’s could find a taker for that trade…
    These are the first rookies with real potential the C’s have had since Baby. I know we’re in win-now mood, but I don’t feel good about giving up on them after a few months… especially Avery, who never got training camp and is barely out of his teens. And especially for someone whose “all” was less than in needed to be because he wouldn’t get in shape!

  • Danno

    I agree about Luke. Not so much about Avery. I haven’t seen anything from him yet worth keeping.

  • Lol, they’re not going to cut their first round draft choice for Rasheed Wallace. Doc would be foolish to cut anyone on this roster.

  • Joe im not exactly sure how that would work either but if that is a possibility that would be great. Sheed can still rebound, play d, spread th floor, and knock down an open 3. If we had to release anyone on the roster i’d say F it but if we could send someone down to D-league lets make some moves Danny.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    This is no surprise… He still has his house in Middleton, MA and is always at team practices and events. No doubt in my mind he will be back for the stretch run, just a matter of whose roster spot he’s taking.

  • JD

    What is up with people’s infatuation with this guy? A big man who doesn’t hustle, shoots threes at an erratic percentage and is not even a great defender a man; we don’t need him.

  • Mal Tempo

    Sheed wanting to come back to the Celtics, and the Celtics wanting him back are two entirely different matters…