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Staying Positive

Earlier today we broke down the horrible defensive effort in the fourth quarter that resulted in one of the worst games in the New Big Three Era.  John also discussed how Rondo sometimes goes too far to pad his assist totals.  Both were instances of, how shall we put it, less than desirable efforts?  This play by Glen "Big Baby" Davis was not part of that.  Early in the second quarter, Big Baby literally dove for a Tommy Point, obtained possession of the ball then tossed it to Von Wafer who slammed it home.  One of very few quality efforts from last night.


The other play that was impressive was Rondo's ability to run the length of the floor in less than three seconds to score at the end of the first quarter.



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  • greenbeand

    just caught wind of sheed and the celtics? WTF! NO NO AND NO. he would fckup this the whole thing. i don’t care if doc runs shaq into the ground, we DON’T need sheed! i know current players that dont buy into his shtick. and you know ref’s would call a different game when he’s on the team or on the floor! nuff said

  • Let’s not forget Quis wasted effort. Great defense, and a season-high in points w/19 I believe. Doc was actually pissed w/the 1st unit and said postgame that the 2nd unit shouldn’t have to deal with all that pressure. He really laid into them w/that “worst defense in 3 or 4 years” comment too. Let’s hope they were listening.

  • I hope they were listening, because that loss could not have been much uglier. Daniels did step up, but majority of the Celtics looked worn down and disinterested for majority of the game. If Doc’s words weren’t enough to motivate them to really show up when they play Sacramento tomorrow night, then KG’s return definitely will be. There’s no way you’ll see them sauntering around on offense and playing apatheically on defense with Garnett commanding the floor.

  • You have no idea what youre talking about with rondo padding his assist totals. Getting his teammates involved in the offense is his role on this team so why are you trying to discourage that.