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Sometimes Rondo just goes too far


I love Rajon Rondo.  I gush about him every chance I get.  But it bugs me when he pulls stuff like this.  

I know it's not a HUGE deal.  No one else was around and he's letting Ray, a scorer, get a couple of points.  

But Ray's the oldest guy on the court… why make him do anything he doesn't have to.  Even if you don't feel like jumping… just lay the ball in.  Zach Lowe makes a similar point on SI… with further video evidence of Rondo doing this versus Chicago.

Zach and I feel about the same on this.  In the grand scheme of the game it's not a huge deal… but it just doesn't sit well with me.  

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  • g

    Not a big deal at all. But I think it’s more just getting your scorers to ease into the game. How many times have you seen Pierce get to the line, hit a few foul shots, and find his stroke? Rondo sees an opportunity to get Ray an easy hoop. Just getting your scorers going and into the groove.
    Having said that, at the same time maybe Rondo could use a few easy buckets himself…

  • Phil

    I don’t really see it as a problem. Assists are an unselfish stat so you can’t fault a guy for giving the ball up. I don’t think we see enough of that in today’s game.
    This is much better than Ricky Davis purposely missing a shot to get a rebound to complete his triple-double at the end of a game. I can tell you that much!

  • mrchumpy

    It is kind of a big deal. This is the most blatant example I’ve seen, but there are lots of times that Rondo drives to the hoop, has a clear layup, but instead kicks the ball out to the perimeter to give a guy an open jump shot.
    Now I know I’m complaining about a point guard finding one of his teammates an open jump shot, which sounds retarded…but a LAY UP versus JUMP SHOT, the man has to consider shooting percentage and putting those points in the bank. I’m not suggesting he does these things just to pad his assists…but sometimes I have my suspicions.

  • Sal

    Yeah, if Rondo wants to be selfish about his unselfishness, I’m okay with that.

  • If that’s what gets Ray-Ray going then I’m all for it! Who would you prefer to get hot during a game- Ray or Rajon?

  • celticsforlife

    not a big deal at all, whats so terrible about this that you had to write a separates segment on this.
    an update on players health would be far better then this one.
    just wanted to know more about what we dont know vs what we dont need to know.
    sorry if i sound rude

  • NineSevenEight

    It mildly irritates me as well because that’s the way it appears. Like Zach said in the article, the last person that needs confidence to shoot the ball is Ray Allen. He got going over a decade ago and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. If Ray misses 100 straight jumpers, we know Ray knows the next shot he takes is going in.
    If anyone needs that same mentality, it’s Rondo. What better way for one of the NBA’s premiere point guards to gain more confidence driving to the basket than an easy, uncontested layup?
    That pass was about a half a step away from being called for traveling. Why risk it?

  • NineSevenEight

    Upon further review, it looks as if Ray did travel three steps from the free throw line.

  • NineSevenEight

    Also, I don’t think people will point to this until it costs the Celtics a game or a player even. Ray’s not the best ball handler, what if he were to fumble the pass out of bounds? Or come down off a dunk and rolls an ankle?
    Yes, it could happen on any NBA possession, but why make the easiest shot in the league more complicated than it is?

  • I was irked by this as well during the game but watching it now I wonder if Rondo was just trying to reward Ray for hustling back. No one on the Rockets even attempted to get beyond half court and there was Ray, who could have just as easily stayed back with everyone else, sprinting down the court behind Rondo.

  • first, we get injury updates posted as soon as we hear about them. We don’t post something like this at the expense of an injury update.
    Second… it’s a symptom, to me, of a bigger issue with Rondo and his complete unwillingness to shoot the ball. I’d like to curtail that a little bit.
    Again… this is not a big deal.. but it IS irritating to me.

  • paul

    This IS a big deal. Rondo needs to wake up. This team’s offense is his responsibility more than anyone else’s. We need him to be aggressive, and we need him to choose the best option, and, well, we need him to NOT SCREW AROUND. Get the score and get back. Stop thinking about your assist total. Think about the rhythm and movement of the offense.

  • mollysdaddy

    Nah, not a big deal. In fact maybe not even a deal. If it had been Shaq that joined Rondo up the court we’d be praising Rondo for “rewarding the big guy” for running up the floor. In both this video and the one in the link Ray is running up the floor with Rondo. Why not give him the ball and get him two? Isn’t that how Ray will be judged at the end of his career? How many points he scored?
    I say great for Rondo for rewarding his team mate who ran up the floor with him.

  • MPLewis

    I agree everytime he does that he sucks at dropping dimes for his teammates and they lose the game. Rondo is my man but he has to control his team.

  • Doop

    Agree with mrchumpy, disagree with celticsforlife. It does bother me…the people who are saying that it’s alright because assists are an ‘unselfish’ stat don’t realize that he’s STILL trying to pad his stats, which is never good for a team. If he’s making an extremely easy shot more difficult to pad his stats- even if its giving an assist to someone- its not good. That being said, I know Rondo wouldn’t do something like this with the game on the line or in game 7 of the playoffs. But seeing him trying to pad his stats really bugs me- lets face it- the kid knows that his praise (in part) comes from his high assist numbers.

  • joe

    gotta let the scorer get an easy bucket and get his rhythm going….unselfish play

  • Classless

    I was hoping Rondo’s shooting woes would disappear this year, but it’s regressed to the point where he’s doing dumb crap like this to get assists. It’s almost like he’s trying to prove the C’s can win without him shooting more than 3 shots a game.
    We all know he can score whenever he wants (see: Bulls 2009 series). It’s just beyond me why he’s like this.

  • dude

    rondo is still a young player who loses focus at times and tries to make it all about him. that’s why you see him throw so many errant passes that lead to turnovers this year. and whenever we get off to a poor start, you can bet that it’s rondo who is the main culprit.
    when rondo’s focused, he’s one of the best player in the league. but when he’s not, you can see it from a mile away.

  • What the hell are you talking about? This is a fast break and rondo is getting a scorer an opportunity to get some points up early in the game. You claim that ray allen being the oldest guy in the court shouldnt be running up and dunking the ball. What? That doesn’t make any sense. He has done this millions of times, he is the most in shape guy on the team, and running an extra 5 steps is absoultely NO harm to him. You are delusional buddy.