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C’s stink up the joint, treat home fans to a crappy loss

Paul pierce falling
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This one had the distinct feel of one of last year's stink bombs at home. 

The Celtics allowed a bad Houston team to come into The Garden, shoot almost 53%, out-rebound them, out-assist them and out-hustle them… before losing 108-102.  

I don't know if Rajon Rondo is not healthy or out-of-sorts… but he just looks off out there (aside from the 3rd quarter, where he dished out 6 of his 12 assists).  I've never seen so many of his passes fly out of bounds and miss their mark.  

Everything was off about this effort tonight.  The defense looked slow… there wasn't enough ball movement on offense.. it was just a big pile of blah out there. 

How's that for analysis?

There's simply no excuse for this.  I don't care that KG didn't come back tonight… there was no excuse for the defense looking this bad.  This was sort of an OKC redux where the C's came out and dismissively gave little-to-no effort until it was too late.      

Aaron Brooks went off for 24 points on 8-15 shooting… Jordan Hill grabbed 4 offensive boards on a night where Shaq had 2 total and Jermaine had 4 total boards.  

I'm sick of writing about this.  This is the worst loss of the season. 

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  • trytryagain

    Nah, the worst loss of the season for the Celtics will be January 30th. Bet on it.

  • fick

    This game sucked. I have no idea what’s going on, but Doc needs to whip their butts back into shape. These are not the Celtics I know and love.
    Deep breaths and hope for a turnaround next game. *fingers crossed*

  • This was an exact repeat of OKC game I was at earlier this year. They had a last minute scratch (Durant, tonight was Martin) of their star-player and C’s simply let their guard down. Period. Houston smelled lazy and cocky and ran with it. But you know, it’s January, so am I frustrated we just loss to a piss ant of a team? Hell yeah. But am I worried? Far from it. Nothing a little KG energy won’t solve.

  • paul

    We just aren’t a very good team. It’s time to stop talking about how great we’ll be when Garnett comes back, or Perkins, or Delonte, or when the playoffs start. We just aren’t a championship caliber team, and we may not even be a playoff caliber team.
    I mean, no one has beaten us this season, so far. We’ve only beaten ourselves. We are our greatest enemy. But that’s the same as not being a good team.

  • Whoa…we lost to Houston at home last year and came 1 game short of a title. So I think your statements are a little out of proportion. “Not a playoff caliber team.” Get a hold of yourself Paul! Lol..

  • NineSevenEight

    Of all of the losses this season, they deserved this one the most. This team looks like a bunch of guys standing around looking to fulfill individual interests.
    Rondo and the stupid assist on the breakaway layup – second time he’s done that in as many games. There was no one within 20 feet of him and he slows up and waits for Ray to give him the easy assist. LAY IT IN! It may come off as a ridiculous point to make but it speaks volumes about the individual focus over the team.
    I know Paul is a proponent of “giving the game what it needs,” a little offense would help. I’m pretty sure that Mike said Pierce was 3-6 in the fourth quarter. THREE FOR SIX! It’s like he and Ray disappear for all but the first quarter, moreso Paul. I bet Marquis had more than six shots up in half as much time.
    Although I hate that Baby is taking more shots than anyone on the floor, I can’t even blame him because Rondo appears dead set on running the offense through Glen playing a pick and pop game with him every time down the floor. And when Paul and others are too busy defering, they’re leaving him having to take buzzer beating shots. At points, you could see Baby losing confidence in his jumper. He was passing it away and repeatedly getting it back.
    It’s sad that we’re “soooo long” and our big men are getting outrebounded by Daniels and a team with no center like you said. It’s poor position and being outhustled almost 100% of the time. Guys are just standing around on the boards and on a putrid attempt at defense.
    And if Nate could make more than one shot a game, I’d be satisfied. If you’re going to take seven shots, make more than one please.
    I dunno, maybe it’s just my frustration as a fan watching the games. Hopefully, they’re just as frustrated with the pathetic efforts lately. It’s time to look in the mirror and decide if last year’s route to the Finals is the path they want to go down again. Was it worth the heartbreak?

  • C’s are definitely playoff caliber, and the Rockets are definitely better than their record indicates playing a ton of close games against tough Western Conference teams… but NO excuse for tonight. The Celtics played awful and half-assed for majority of the game, and beat themselves. But once KG is back, that missing energy will be back too, and the amount of sauntering around and unforced turnovers will diminish signficantly. And finally Big Baby will no longer lead the team in shot attempts, nearly all of which are from just inside the three point arc. When they’re healthy and their heads are in the game, the Celtics are just about unbeatable.

  • NineSevenEight

    Doc was fuming on the bench, throwing his hands up in the air at the lack of defense almost every time down the floor. On the one hand, I agree with him letting the players on the floor roll around in their own mess, if it were me, I would have emptied the bench down the Avery for the entire fourth quarter.

  • javagoogle

    Hey there!
    Welcome back. I like how you rush on over here and get all ‘psychic professor’ on us after every loss, but are nowhere when we win.
    Anyways, welcome. Unleash upon us some more under- the-bridge ‘non-troll’ wisdom.

  • KY Celts fan

    Overreaction of the season. Douche.

  • TJames

    I’m tired of hearing about Rondo not taking the layups and giving them up for assists. There is nothing wrong with an assist point guard giving the layup to a scorer. Scorer’s need to see the ball go in the hole. Not saying Rondo doesn’t, but it’s not a big deal. I do not think Rondo is trying to get assists records, the Kid just wants to win.

  • DRJ

    Yes, they miss KG badly. For all kinds of reasons. His return will help a lot. As will Delonte’s of course. And Perk’s of course. And this year, the East is so much tougher than it was last year, that they HAVE to get it together. Doc said tonight that he’s worried about making it through the East, let alone the Finals. He’s so worried that he wants HCA as extra insurance.

  • Classless

    Yeah, how about you watch the games. Such a dumb fucking comment to make.

  • Classless

    This team plays lazy and uninspired when KG isn’t there, which is why KG is the undisputed MVP of this team. Once he’s back, we won’t have to suffer from Glen “black hole” Davis bricking shot after shot and not playing defense on the other end.
    I think we know why Davis looks so good now. He dominates the other team’s backups. He’s not a night to night starter.

  • javagoogle

    “I think we know why Davis looks so good now. He dominates the other team’s backups. He’s not a night to night starter.”
    I love #11, but maybe this experience will show him the kind of shoes he’ll HAVE to fill night after night if he actually gets what he wants – starting role, etc.
    Maybe one day. But he’s not ready yet.

  • Goceltics

    Still plenty of games left in the season. If we were starting the playoffs today. I would be worried. I hope the C’s get really disgusted and pissed off about this loss. In the mean while “How about those freakin Patriots”

  • Indeed. That H.C.A. means much more. And if 'Melo ends up on the Knicks..?? But that's another story…

  • Lee in Oregon in Arizona

    Damnit! First the C’s lay down and then the DUCKS go down. Tough nite, but the C’s will be fine.

  • greenbeand

    the pats loss to the browns

  • KY Celts fan

    If you put Davis against another team’s backup PF, he stacks up pretty well. But he’s killing us as a starter, which is kinda surprising since he played very well for KG two years ago.
    Either way, he has to sharpen up or his butt is too the curb.

  • NineSevenEight

    I’m tired of having to cross my fingers that a wide open, point blank layup turned down by Rondo won’t result in missed buckets or turnovers (see NYK game) that lead to four and five point swings.
    What if Ray would have traveled and had that bucket taken away? Why do you think his teammates encourage his jumper? Because they want him to grow as a player. They don’t want him to be a one trick pony. They want people to respect his shot, especially in the clutch. They want the basket to get bigger for him. They want an offensive option down the stretch. They want him to have confidence taking it to the hoop in more than just the last few minutes in regulation. They want him penetrating and having the confidence to step to the freethrow line.
    That’s the problem, it’s not just about being an “assist point guard”, it’s about putting the ball in the basket. Simple. Rondo shouldn’t relegate himself to JUST an assist point guard. As a weak shooter, he should be looking to score when the opportunities are that easily available.
    Ray will be Ray – a legendary shooter. He’s shooting +50%. I’d rather have Rondo see the ball go in the hole, he needs that more than anyone on the team. He needs to feel like every shot he puts up is going in.
    They need to stop making the game more complicated than it is. Take care of the ball and stop worrying about who gets what and how. It comes across as padding stats when your “assists point guard” is turning down a breakaway layup off of his own turnover to turn around and look for a teammate to put the ball in the hole.
    And I didn’t see anyone but Marquis Daniels, who I’ve been very critical of in the past, on the floor that wanted to win. You don’t get a pass for turning on the jets when it’s too late to matter.
    None of the starters get a pass tonight or last night. It’s time to start holding players accountable.


    Troll spotted…


    Ray SATfrom 12th till the 5th minute – then came straight in and hit a 3. The dude is on fire – 8-13 again tonight but only fired up 2 3’s….(which he made)
    Hard to make an impression in the 4th when you’re on the bench!!

  • DRJ

    Only a GM who fits the “greater fool” description is likely to take Davis on as a starter, when he has so clearly failed to impress in that role on the Cs. Remember too that he has physical limitation that are never going away: height and arm length. And probably weight too. Nobody bit last summer (when, granted, he was a restricted FA). I just don’t see anybody biting, ever, except possibly for a backup role.
    Which is not to say that Baby is incapable of BELIEVING he can get the starter’s job. That he can do.

  • PPsucks

    its just January scrubs so like us you shouldnt be worried……cant wait til you guys come to Staples

  • KY Celts fan

    Very much agree about Quis. He’s been a bright spot on an underwhelming bench this season.
    Just a few more weeks and hopefully we’ll have some guys back and things shored up.

  • Rhein

    Common u guys… Cheer up!:-) Please dont let losses this regular season demotivate u from believing Cs ability to win the title this year. They will figure things out of these painful losses.. Were blessed with 28W despite of injuries. Rondo who dealswith pains is out there giving his hardest. I got a huge faith with this team. Theyll bounce.

  • ShawnCVD

    The team will add key pieces through out the season. Hopefully Rondo is going through a funk. Popping with Baby isn’t the way to do it. Shaq down low and PP playing decoy would help more than getting Baby all those touches.
    The importance of playing well right now is not just about determining seeding. I’d hate to see anyone rushed back too soon. So come on C’s make the best of this home stand…

  • NineSevenEight

    I’ll give you Ray because he’s one of my favorites and he’s gone above and beyond for a guy at his “old” age this season. He’s definitely taken a few dips in the hot tub time machine and he’ll get he’ll get his. Plus, he was knocked out of the game late on that screen. Chicago is a different story.
    But when I’m watching these games lately, sometimes I don’t even know if he or Pierce are on the floor when they are. I’ve been waiting for Paul to step up like he did at the beginning of the season when guys were going down with injuries. Six shots through three quarters is not going to get it done. Too much weight is being put on Big Baby to step in and play the role of KG when that’s never going to happen. It’s the captain’s job to step up and say: “I need the ball in my hands. As a vet leader, I need to carry my team.” We all know it’s in him.
    It’s time for this team to stop going through the motions and relying on “waiting till XXX returns.”

  • Ringo

    You have no clue what you´re talking aout. It doesn´t matter who starts the games, what matters is who ends the games.
    I think we have enough evidence of the opposite, Baby played great the first thirty games of the season, he filled in for KG two years ago and filled in admirably. Just because you repeat your uneducated opinion on every Celticsite known to man doesn´t make it any more true.