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Your Morning Dump… Where Boozer’s elbows will make Baby grow



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"It's a learning experience for me," said Davis, who drew the tough assignment with Kevin Garnett still sidelined with a strained right calf. "Especially if I want to be at the same level as the KGs and Carlos Boozers. You guys have seen me grow a lot, but now, it's time to hit a different level. That's what I'm experiencing right now. 

"Carlos Boozer got the best of me today. At the same time, I want that. I want all that — being that guy. That's the way it is. I take it in stride. I try to get better each day. I know I have the potential to be a player in this league; A player like the Carlos Boozers or the Kevin Loves of this league." 

ESPN Boston: Boozer bests Baby

You can see Baby's reaction to the elbow Boozer flung up at his face.  Boozer had clearly accomplished his goal to get inside Baby's head.

Let's be clear here:  Boozer's elbow being where it was was no accident.  He's certainly not alone in doing it, either.  You post up with the elbow flying out like that and tell me who will be anxious to get a body up on you before you set up? 

The elbow is up early… so he's not swinging it at anyone, really.  It's just there… for someone to run into if someone so chooses.  Sometimes that's a foul… sometimes its not.  Cheap?  Maybe.  But like I said before… it accomplishes a goal.

So Baby now has something else to learn from.  Guys will do things like this to give themselves an edge on the court and in your head.  How do you react?  Like you did last night?  Or do you use it to drive you, rather than distract you?  

By the way… The Celtics were right in there with a good Bulls team without KG and on game 5 in 7 days.  Not too worried about the loss last night.  If I told you before the KG injury that we'd go 4-1 without him… I'm sure every one of you would have taken that in a heartbeat.  

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On page 2: Rondo downplays a rivalry with Derrick Rose

“We like playing against each other, and we have a great respect for each other,” said Rondo, who finished with 13 points, five steals, five rebounds and eight assists in the 90-79 Bulls win. “I look forward to playing against him. He’s definitely a tough challenge. People could say we’re rivals, but we do two different things for our team.

“He’s more of a scoring point guard — that’s what he has to do for them to win — and I’m more of a playmaker,” he said. “He’s going to score the ball, and I’m going to try and set up my teammates. I don’t want to try and go back at him. Just try to keep him honest on the defensive end and make him play a little ‘D.’

Herald:  Rivals on all points

Rondo's right… they do different things for their teams.  Though last night one did a lot more for his team than the other.

There are so many good PG's out there, you can say Rondo's got a rivalry with all of them.  But since Rose is in the East, it's natural to say these two are rivals.  I'd love to see Rondo in one of those Bird vs. Dominique types of shootouts where one guy is just matching the other shot for shot.  Unfortunately, it'll be a while before we really see that because Rondo probably won't go off like that while he's got this many guys around him who need the ball.  

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  • Yeah i probably overreacted a little when i was watching this game, especially at the way the chicago commentators were doing the game. They RIPPED baby apart time and time again. Sure he’s not as good as boozer, but that doesn’t call for those comments that were borderline insults. At one point, they said “is he gonna cry now?” “That’s why they call him the big baby”
    Seriously?… hope baby hears that and use it as motivation to get back at boozer next time we play them.
    REBOUNDS… I know that we dont care about offensive rebounds but even at the defensive end.. the bulls had like 20 offensive rebounds. You know the effort’s not when your point guard’s ur team’s leading rebounder. Box out pls. Our ultimate goal’s the Lakers, shouldn’t we be putting more emphasis on rebounding efforts, considering how much that burned us in the finals?
    Yeah Rondo’s a different point guard from Rose, but its infuriating to watch him sometimes. In the first quarter he had an open court with no defender on him he passed the ball back to ray for the dunk whereas he could’ve easily scored the ball himself. We all know he can score and his jumpshot’s as good as anyones near the freethrow line. maybe if he scored the ball more like he did in the playoffs we wouldn’t have lost this game. At times he didn’t even fight through the picks hard enough. Lets see how the all star ballots turn out now.. if he gets the start at PG

  • trytryagain

    I agree that the commentators were spending a tad too much time focusing on Big Baby. But c’mon, the dude CRIES during games and was near tears again last night. Being on a self described “tough” team that uses pseudo manly bravado like a crutch focuses the laser even tighter on the Baby.
    And we all know that EVERY local commentating team does the same thing, and gets shots in at the opposing team as often as they can. Believe me, that douche in Boston sounds like the Grinch having a heart attack whenever he feels his team was slighted. Since you agree with him, you probably didn’t notice. Same thing happens in Los Angeles, same thing happens in Miami, same thing happens in Indiana, etc. Take some of Big Baby’s advice and grow up. Either that or join Big Baby’s tissue party.
    Nice game from Chicago.

  • I know i know what u mean about local commentators and sometimes i wince too when tommy says stuff like that, which’s not nearly as bad as they did on davis.. like “WIPE THAT SNEAR OFF BEASELY”S FACE”
    I just thought they’d be more professional on those days. Oh and I don’t think Baby’ll cry anymore gettin a little too old for that. He’s an emotional player… remember how fisher cried in game 3 last year? and no one ripped on him. just sayin

  • cez

    Is it just me or is Tommy absolutely insufferable lately?
    I mean, more than usual.

  • trytryagain

    True. But tears of victorious joy are a MUCH different than tears of a frustrated little boy.
    Just sayin.

  • trytryagain

    Yes. But I personally am annoyed will ALL commentators NBA wide lately. It’s the same stuff every game, stupid catch phrases, fawning over their team. I’m starting to mute the game and put on music more often these days.

  • greenbeand

    sorry baby, but you can’t keep up with the first unit. maybe sparingly, but the speed is 10x’s faster than the bomb squad. on a great team you’re a solid role player.
    obv he’s playing for a pay-day and not resigning the hometown d/c. too bad we’re kicking ass, bc i’d rather get something in return than let him walk.

  • Mileke

    That would bbe the only thing I hate about loosing this game, because their commentators really think the BULLS are better than US , and at one point they were yelling, “Work Him” telling Rose to pass the ball to BOOZ, and work baby, which is smart, but thats not the commentators place to say things like that, very unprofesssional, and dont noone wanna hear that, also I know we’re still the better team, there was just a lack of effort in the FOURTH, also some BS calls, but there’s nothing to worry about C’s!!!!

  • Well said! And they kept saying Rondo doesn’t have a jummpshot when he just knocked a pair in…
    when Perk and KG come back we are gonna murder them. we beat them twice already anyway

  • paul

    I think Rondo got a good demonstration last night of why he needs to score – for both psychological and tactical reasons. He needed to force Rose to work harder on D. He needed to counterpunch Rose’s scoring a little, not matching him point for point, of course (heroball being Rose’s game, not Rondo’s). The main thing is that Rondo needed to provide leadership.
    The Celtics seemed almost disorganized and stunned by the ferocity of the Bulls’ assault, led by Rose. What they needed was to become more aggressive themselves, taking the rock to the rack, if there was too much pressure on jumpers. Rondo is the leader of this offense. It was up to him more than anyone to set that tone. For Rondo to downplay his rivalry with Rose sounds like excuse-making at this point. We all know that Rondo is into showdowns with rival pgs, and he got eaten alive by Rose, and the team with him. Yes, they do different things for their teams, but Rondo was the one who DIDN’T do it for his team last night.
    Don’t make excuses, Rondo. You are the one who has to figure out how to write a different story the next time.

  • paul

    Give Davis a break. He has played well in Garnett’s stead. But he’s had some rough outings too, and we can expect him to keep learning – that’s what’s so great about him

  • Classless

    19 free throws for Rose? Uh really?

  • Viva

    C’s just weren’t in this game, Rondo first of all. And that cost as one game. So what.There will few more nights like that one, but I hope as less as possible.

  • hg

    The 1 play where Rondo waited for Allen for an assist was awful… Im a big Rondo fan and i just lost a little respect.. He shouldnt do that since it makes him look disgusting.

  • 122w

    Da Bulls!!! Just get over it Boston Babies!!!