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KG blogs about Luke, Scal and more

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When John and Chuck invited me to write for Red's, they told me they liked my ability to find obscure Celtics stuff on the internet. And I must admit, I do spend alot of my free-time scouring the web for Celtics tidbits, big and small. In part, for me, but mostly because I enjoy sharing them with other fans.

One thing I stumbled upon Friday is a blog KG writes for Anta. Anta is the Chinese sneaker/athletic company that KG signed with over the summer. Here is an excerpt from KG's latest blog entry:

"When I’m not playing,  I hate talking hoops, so sorry for not blogging.  You know how when you ain’t a part of something, it hurts to talk about it.  That’s how I feel.  Know what I mean?
Don’t get it messed up, just cause I ain’t playing don’t mean I’m not working out.  I’m working super hard and feeling good.  
Didn’t get to tell you about the tough game against San Antonio we had on Wed.  Game was CRAZY.  We were up 9 with 57 seconds and we somehow almost blew it.  They had the ball down by 2 with 7 seconds left.  It was crazy how it happened.  P2 got the block to save the win and Rondo had a triple double.  Big game by him.  He was doing amazing stuff.
Friday we had Toronto and young fella Luke played great.  He stepped up and had a double double (17pts and 11 rebounds).  He’s hard working and knows how to play.  If he keeps working hard, he’ll be good.  It was nice to get the starters some rest and let the young guys play.  We won by a bunch, so it was nice.  After the game, Dr. looked at my leg and we’re close.  Real close to getting back."

One of the things I love about this blog is that it's the only place KG has talked about this latest injury.

There are alot of other great entries you can read on KG's blog. The site is in Chinese, but Google Chrome will translate it all for you.

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Totally awesome find. Tell John and Chuck to give you a raise. ;^)

  • Andreas

    amazing find..even Chris Forsberg thought so!

  • Great find KWAPT!

  • Rhein

    Couldnt agree more. Great job. 🙂

  • Thanks folks-much appreciated.

  • Guest

    I second Bas Rutten Jr. Great find! That’s why I love RedsArmy. It has, hands down, THE best Celtics news in one place. From fans for fans.

  • Close like tomorrow?

  • Gary Tanguay Fake Laugh

    Good find. Can you keep us updated on this since I don’t know how to translate “RSS feed” from Chinese?

  • GranTur

    Red’s Army is the shit been following you guys for years.

  • fick

    BRILLIANT find, KWAPT. No one else brings the extra special like you do. 🙂
    Really enjoyed reading this. I know there must be someone taking this down for him but it *sounds* like KG. And man, it brings such a smile to my face. Cannot wait to see him back on court. Love that guy, love this team.

  • mollysdaddy

    Very nice find, man.
    Not to be a Grumpy Gus, but is anyone else a least a little miffed that China gets this personal insight from KG himself? Not like I’m mad at him, just jealous, I guess.

  • Well done KWAPT!
    To respond to Mollysdaddy, I’d suggest that he might enjoy flying under the radar as much as possible with media hype and this is most likely part of a contractual obligation. There was an earlier post asking the question about Nike/Adidas and overseas competition and the answer is simple, these guys are going where the money is, now and in the future.
    I do wonder if there is an obsession with TMZ like suffocation of celebrities in China.