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Enemy Chatter: The Bulls think that win means something

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Chicago.

A victory over the Boston Celtics still carries more weight than most. Don't believe me? Here’s what the Bulls players had so say after their big 90-79 win at the United Center on Saturday night.

"It means a lot," Bulls point guard Derrick Rose said. "Knowing that we can compete with some of the best teams out there. Especially coming in, getting a win after losing two. Especially against that team. It means a lot to us. Hopefully, it will boost our confidence up and I hope we start playing well."

"Great for our morale. Great for our team spirit,” said Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer. “Our whole thing is to improve and keep winning and tonight was a great challenge. It just shows you how good we can be. And we just got to keep striving to be better every day, and tonight was a step in the right direction."

ESPN Chicago

Way to Chicago! You beat the (short-handed) Celtics in January!! (For those Bulls fans who point to Joakim Noah's absence, I counter with Exhibit A – Delonte West and Exhibit B – Kendrick Perkins.)

Here's what Boozer should have said:

"This win means squat. The Celtics are a different team without KG. You think I'll be able to perform like I did tonight against Garnett? No freakin' way."


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  • Sal

    I don’t see anything wrong with what they said. It was a big win for them. Derrick Rose schooled Rondo. Boozer had his way with the C’s bigs. They’re still gelling as a team, and this win should give them a lot of confidence. Plus they said all the right things, paying the C’s their respect.

  • imagine what coach pop would have said if he was coaching the C’s. esp the rebounding numbers lol
    our guys played like cats?

  • paul

    I think we should stop making excuses. It was a great win for them, and we got well and truly shellacked. Maybe we didn’t lose this game by a lot, but they were in control for most of it.

  • I have to agree, there shouldn’t be any excuses from us. Simply put, the better team last night won the game.

  • kathy

    some are saying that the rose rondo argument is over. after one game, that is absurd.

  • Nora

    The healthier team won. It is not an excuse but it is true that Bulls should not be as excited about this win when C’s have injuries. If They beat C’s fully healthy THAT is an accomplishment. They have not done that.

  • Alex

    We’ll see if the Celtics get fully healthy…

  • Classless

    A bit of a sore loser blog. All the quotes you put up sounded professional. Stop reaching.

  • Nora

    Think what you want but winning a game against the C’s without KG and Perk is alot easier then when they are with the team. In fact, have Bulls beat C’s when KG has played? Bulls lucked out because KG is coming back in a game or 2 and Perk will be back soon too. Enjoy the win.

  • Which is why I said the better team LAST NIGHT won. The C’s are obviously still the better team when fully healthy but injuries or not, beating the top in your conference is still a good accomplishment for any team.
    I’m with the C’s through and through but I have enough respect for the Bulls and Thibs (minus Noah) to know that this is still a big win for them. Don’t think they don’t know they were playing a lesser team than they will (hopefully) see come April when we play them again but they’re not going to come out and say that. Beating the Celtics is still beating the Celtics, no matter how it’s looked at.

  • javagoogle

    A person named ‘Classless’ giving etiquette tips is as:
    a) Pot calling cattle stoned.
    b) A Donkey calling a Horse a Unicorn.
    c) A ‘regular’ calling the entire blog ‘sore losers’.
    Answers to the front. No cheating!
    P.S: If we don’t reach, how do we get to the stars, maaaang?

  • Viva

    Doc said it best. The way Celtics were playing I think anyone could beat us that night. It wasn’t about health. Just one of those nights, nothing more, nothing less.

  • trytryagain

    Just when I thought this blog wasn’t so bad, and that it had a bit more balance to it…….
    C’mon, a short handed team beat a shore handed team. Same as if a healthy team beat a short handed team or vice versa, or any other combo you can think up. It does not matter one bit.
    Take it on the chin, move onto the next game. You KNOW if any Laker/OKC/Heat/Pistons/etc fan even HINTED at The C’s only winning because their team was short handed, they would be internet whipped into a quivering pile. So man up.

  • Other than Derek Rose, the Bulls as a whole were unimpressive. I thought they had a better team than that. Kurt Thomas and Boogans?? Where was Deng? Do they have a 2 guard? Who backs up Rose? JoeKimmy is their only ‘legit’ center? (lol)
    That being said, the Celtics played their worst game in quite a while. I lost any confidence in their winning a couple of minutes into the second half.

  • javagoogle

    “You KNOW if any Laker/OKC/Heat/Pistons/etc fan even HINTED at The C’s only winning because their team was short handed, they would be internet whipped into a quivering PILE.”
    We prefer the term ‘blob’.
    Thank you and happy trolling,

  • Stan

    A win is a win. We had the chance to win, but the Bulls clearly had the upper hand in the 2nd half. I’m more annoyed at those commentators than the Bulls, to be honest. They should know better than to talk smack on TV.

  • BigMck

    Geez… I’m just having some fun… at the Bulls expense.
    Why is it ok for Heat and Magic fans to make excuses about new players and continuity, but its not ok for Celtics fans to talk about major injuries to key players?

  • trytryagain

    I for one don’t think any team or it’s fans should make any excuse. Heat, Magic, Lakers, anyone.

  • trytryagain

    Oh c’mon! I’m not “trolling” or whatever geeky term internet obsessed types use. If the moderator or head writer or whatever deems that I am, then by all means ban me. It’s his/her blog. But I don’t believe having a contrary or even negative opinion on post made here constitutes “trolling”. Thicker skin called, it wants to hang out!

  • javagoogle

    Ban you?. I hope they never do!
    You’re too much fun in an Emily Post – ‘I know how everyone should behave and it’s my duty to inform them so’ kinda way.
    As you were, blob.
    P.S: If ‘Thicker skin = that fur coat Nate was rocking that time, I’ll take the call…