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Recap: Luke force chokes the life out of Toronto


Luke Harangody was Boston's 2nd leading scorer tonight. 

Any shock that the C's won by 20

Luke had 17, so did Ray.  Paul Pierce led the way with 20.  

Let's get this out of the way so we can all continue our drinking:

The C's were awesome… though their defense kinda sorta took the night off. Toronto sucked.  This game got out of hand early and it was never really a contest after that.  

There, I think that about covers it.  

Gin and Tonic, anyone?

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  • Mileke

    Very impressive, there goes another statement by the C’s!

  • I’ve not seen them come out of the gate with that much enegry against a subpar team all year. I’m assuming the good news involving Perk and KG really got these guys fired-up.


    Ray Allen is now 37-55 this month…and 12-18 from 3’s…think he likes having Rondo back???
    This team has heart and depth……

  • BRADinLA

    Go C’s.

  • jared

    Godd firggin good. So many good things tonight. Just got home, watched the game DVR. Great effort. I love watching these types of games already bar-primed.
    Luke played a baby-esque game tonight. Yeah, against the Raptors. Still gotta put the ball in the hole though, right?

  • Classless

    Ech. Is that the last we have to see of the Raptors? They are a fucking disgrace with no hope.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m down here in Arizona for a couple weeks and had to watch the game on-line with the Toronto announcer’s. Those guys were super impressed by the C’s and so was I. I could have watched Luke and the 2nd unit all night long. The weird thing was seeing Triano play DeRozan & Bargs in garbage time, Derozan right till the end. Glad to see Semih back getting afew minnies.

  • Chris

    Its so awesome that Luke has the confidence to play like he did tonight and its all cuz of docs coaching. Luke knows he is not gonna get in trouble for popping the open shots and he banged them down tonight. Way to go celts.